Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

The Lion’s Gate is a special event that starts in July and ends in August. 

The special date for it it’s August 8th. It’s also a new Moon day and so even better it’s time to set new goals and set new intentions. The Lion’s Gate is a great portal for abundance and so to all my Leos, set intentions, new goals, and positivity! 

The Earth makes a special alignment with Sirus and so every great energy is connecting and aligns… So you see it’s truly special and you should take advantage of it! 

Check out my Instagram HERE to see what I did for the LIon’s Gate…. The Reel will show you how I created the grid and what crystals I used.  You still have time to create a grid and work with one special crystal! I used a carnelian flame.

Carnelian is great to use especially for this event. A flame represents fire and the Leo sign is a fire sign. I also used fluorite and tiger’s eye to manifest my goals. 

It’s a fantastic crystal to use because it brings, warm fire energy that lifts you up! 

I also used my gorgeous fluorite skull…the skull represents your roots, ancestors and so it’s just natural, with so high energy available to connect with your past and your true roots.

Since I do this with a lot of love, I used heart shape tiger’s eye crystals as well. 

Once I finished with the crystal picked for the Lion’s Gate, I started to build a crystal grid. 

You can see it in the Reel on Instagram! The grid has an egg-shaped Tiger’s eye crystal in the center and is surrounded by seven Merkaba stars. I used the seven Merkaba Chakra crystals for better alignments. 

My goal was to have a great start in the New Moon, I did Reiki on myself, align my Chakras, Cleansed myself using this time a coconut mango incent stick! 

You can get some funky stickers from a great store! The Sacred Willow  Trust me you will love the options. If you think you need Reiki, I focus only on Distance healing, so be aware if you book HERE . 

Also once you created the grid, take a moment. close your eyes and focus, on what you want to manifest! See it happening in front of your eyes and connect with it! 

What I did after, was the following! 

I pulled out all my favorite oracle decks and started to work with them! Try to connect with your Inner Child, ( funny enough I pulled this card, Inner child ) 

 Chakra Reading cards ( Inner Child- funny I pulled it actually! I also used The Secret language of Colours, Reiki Living and a crystal deck, moon deck, and of course something just for fun the Rebel deck! 

All the cards that I pulled resonated with me, on every level.! You should give it a go! 

Watch the REEL to see what cards I pulled! 

I know what you say… but cards, …. how can they improve my life?  They can if you are open-minded to it and give it a go. Focus on what they say, where it leads you to pull a card! Have trust! If you think you can’t pick a deck, stop by the store and get a meditation kit where a card deck will be picked for you! Trust me it will be just right for you! It will have exactly what you need when you need it! This is how the first deck found me! 

You can check a Zen DESK Meditation Kit HERE! There are only a few available so pick one as long as you can! 

Always look for what you need in life to make yourself feel better! Your energy is unique to you and it needs to flow freely. 

Let me know how you celebrated the Lion’s Gate! 







The Crochet Guild Australia

The Crochet Guild Australia

Hello beautiful people!


What to know what happend this Saturday at the Crochet Guild Australia? I hope you all had a great weekend, We just returned from the Sunshine Coast and it was a lot of fun! I was invited to teach Romanian Point Lace at this conference and to participate in the fashion

The teaching was a lot of fun and very challenging at the same time. I never had to teach a whole day! I made them learn a new pattern, a gorgeous Orchid, in Orange. The pattern is to be found HERE. I pre-made the cord so we can focus on fillings. Sadly the lighting is always an issue in every venue we get the opportunity to teach. I guess for the future I have to invest in lamps myself and bring those to teach workshops!


Also if you are after cord and this is the true reason, you could never get yourself to start an RPL pattern, I got you covered! Check it out HERE, you can preorder the cord now in the color you like!


Have a great Sunday!





My 2020

My 2020


My 2020

There is much to say, indeed! This year I became a mother for the second time to a gorgeous little boy. Now the family is complete. Never crossed my mind, that this is the year where we live a pandemic, give birth and almost lose my life almost. This year changed me…. It will never be the same again.

So if you ask me about my highlights…. Here they are in these two pictures…. This year made me happy and sad. This year, will be remembered for sure.
If you are interested to see my work highlights, yes biz is slowly growing. I’m able to help people, heal and create, but that’s not all…. Smile, survive….. Live!

For those who tried to put me down, did not treat me right, I might forgive, but never forget. I have no time to spend with you! I can see how miserable you are! Your energy speaks for you! You know who you are…..

Let’s hope for a better 2021! What is more to say,but #welcome2021 !




Pantone 2021

Pantone 2021

Are you ready for Pantones colour sellection for 2021? I’m beyond ready and love the combo.

Pantone 2021

We are dealing with Ultimate Grey and Illumination. I find that after such crazy year we all need some illumination and Pantone picked the right tone for it!

Ultimate Grey is such a calming, gorgeous colour and goes fabulous with the bright and vibrant yellow.

Pantone colour 2021

So if you love the combo, You are not Alone like Jason Naylor painted. Check out his IG  HERE

AAlso if you are interested in the deck that I’m using it’s from Inna Segal and it’s called The secret Language of colour. I use this deck special when I work on new colour combos for my art or lace jewellery pieces. This deck has fantastic vibes.

Lemon yellow is a colour of inspiration and warmth. This colour is so fun and vibrant, it can boost your memory and can help you in reading, writing and learning. It can you also help being creative and will give you a boost of energy. Try holding a lemon in your hand or something yellow and see what happens. Add yellow flowers to your desk and let the good vibes flow.

Silver! A gorgeous colour of peace. It calmes the nerves and its strong at the same time. Silver grey flushes toxines from the body and helps healing.

Agate necklace

Românofir thread

These shades of yellow are available in the thread section of the store!



Ps: just a few more weeks and this crazy year is over!

If you use crystals have an yellow crystal like Citrine, Amber Yellow, calcite or yellow Aventurine, etc…. And as far as silver/ultimate grey crystals you can use hématite, silver quartz, shungite, silver pyrite, or Herderite.


Night of the Wolves Romanian Halloween

Night of the Wolves Romanian Halloween

November 30th …. It’s a special day in my culture. Covered under the hat of Christianity they call it Saint Andrews but oh it’s so not! Romanian Mythology is dark and heavy…. It’s a night of the full moon, a night of highest intensity and full of magical rituals. It’s Halloween Romanian Style!

night of the wolves

The Night of the Wolves is crazy! Everybody is on the edge, nobody sleeps, garlic galore…. If you are in Romanian at the end of November and you plan to stay in December… You better buy garlic in advance… trust me you will not find one single garlic bulb left!

The Dacians used to celebrate this special day and it was the so-called Sântandrei, the Master of the Wolves. This day marks, the end of fall and the beginning of the hard, harsh winter, the days when the wolves formed packs of twelve in order to hunt.

On this special night, there are some rules to follow, like not calling the wolves, not even saying the word wolf ( LUP – in the Romanian language). If a child was born on that night it has to be given a name that represents the wolf, like LUP for a boy and Lupina or Luna if it’s a girl.

It’s also a night where the gate is open between the dead and the living. For protection people in the villages, rub garlic on the doors or hang garlic around the windows and prepare garlic dishes. It ends up like a party THE GUARDING OF THE GARLIC. Each girl brings a garlic dish and brings three garlic bulbs to be put in the vase.

While the young people dance and enjoy the time together an older lady in the village guards the garlic. In the end, they all get to take one garlic bulb home and have to keep it in a sacred place, like an altar or near the door.

Once, the dead arrives in the living world and the demons, cross over, evil spirits look for the living to catch on back to life. People have to face, the MOROI< STRIGOI , VARCOLACI and PRISCOLICI … Now if you wonder what the hack???!!! Like one type was not enough you deal with Moroi ( undead vampires) Strigoi, ( living vampires) , Varcolaci (werewolf) and priscolici (similar to wolves)… It’s a tensed night and full of mystery. A night where the energy is high, the Hunter’s moon is watching it all.

I’m still looking for the right crystal wolf, but in the meantime, simply breath and let it go.

The energy of the full moon is still very high 24hr after, so its plenty of time to create moon water, and book a Reiki session.

It does not matter where you are…. When you meditate and focus your mind can be in any location….

Beath and howl to the moon….



Moon Bath

Moon Bath

Taking a bath… is always a relaxing time, especially when you are a woman. I know men like a bath as well, but women really take it to another level!

Having a glass of wine, listening to music in a hot tub with oils, bubbles, and aromatic colorful bombs, this is the new relax moment we all need in life… But there is more, way more to all this….. Have you ever wondered how it all started? Humans were taking bath since the Stone Age. Waterfalls and hot springs, were the places, to go! After many years the Romans made, bathing special with the Roman Aquaducts, and from there on is spread like wildlife. If you want to find out more about Bathing, check it out here!

Do you know how many types of bath is there? From a quick dip to a therapeutic bath, a traditional Turkish Hamman, to a River bath to nordic Ice bath!

But let’s focus today on the Moon bath and how you can make yourself feel better, fresh, and reborn! Click HERE to download your Freebie on Mew Moon and Full Moon bath. I give you all the recipes that I use myself in these two phases.

It’s easy on the full moon, get ready to let go of everything that does not suit you anymore! Emotionally, physically, mentally, etc… Get into a warm/hot bath relax with music or simply have quiet time!

What you need! 

  • flowers ( Roses/ Lavender /Jasmin/Orchids/Peony/Chamomille)
  • Herbs ( Rosemary/Sage/ Bay Leaves/ Lemon )
  • milk
  • honey
  • essential bath oils
  • a silver coin 
  • quartz crystals 
  • bath salts 

The flowers – what they do for you! It’s not only pretty but it’s important for the skin!

Roses – hydrate, Lavender- calms your mind, Jasmin- the smell is divine. Orchids-reduces wrinkles Peony- tones the skin and Chamomille-heal the skin. 

Herbs like the one mentioned above recreate and refresh the skin! So when you take a bath, regardless if it’s a moon bath following the lunar phases or simply a bath to relax, take your time and use some of the recipes in the Freebie- They are all my favourite and I can’t get myself to pick one!

Please check out the freebie download just in time for the New Moon!




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