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You are booking a Special  DISTANCE REIKI HEALING SESSION Activation of the LION’S GATE

What is a Lion’s Gate you want to know!? 

Every year on August 8th, Sirius A, the Earth and the Sun in the sign of Leo, align with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. This alignment is known as the Lion’s Gate because the Sun is in Leo and therefore energy is positive, courageous, and uplifted. The magical day is August 8th when the energy is the highest, but Lion’s Gate usually opens around July 27th….. The Gate stays open till August 12th and in this time frame, Sirius is the brightest in the sky and it’s a great time to align your chakras and to take advantage of the positive energy, 

Reiki is great to find Back To yourself, to your energy, and to be able to give yourself without losing yourself. In this session, I will be focusing on bringing positive energy to you from  SEEN & UNSEEN ( meaning from all directions of the geographical points!) 

If, you ask what you can do, is to allow me to tap into your energy and be willing to receive positive energy of all kinds, from financial opportunities, to love, friendships, taking the anxiety away, releasing stress, opening the ways to receive positivity and calm, etc…The other thing is you need to be open-minded and imagine good energy coming to you- FOCUS! 


I will be working with different types of crystals like flames, spheres, points, and stars…

I will be doing the traditional Usui Reiki steps and focus on the Crown, Solar Crown Chakra, the Heart Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakras. Here is the place of your power, your energy! I will clean it up and make the energy flow again!

Get in touch if you have questions!

THE SESSION WILL START ON July 27th and will be open till August 12th! USE COUPON: LIONSGATE40 and get 40%OFF! 

IF YOU BOOK A LION’S GATE SESSION ON AUGUST 8th, you will receive a discount – August 8th is my birthday so you can receive a discount!

All Reiki reports will be sent out via email the following week!

Thank you for your trust to handle your energy!

Talk soon


DISCLAIMER:  By purchasing, a Reiki session, from Ink n Lace Designs I acknowledge and agree to the following: I understand that Reiki is an exchange of energy. It’s an ancient technique used to relax and reduce stress. Reiki is done in person as well in distance sessions. I acknowledge that I booked a distance session. During the Reiki session, I give permission for myself to tune into your energy. I understand that Reiki does not replace my medical treatments. If I have health issues I consult a doctor, my regular GP, or a specialist. I also understand that one session might not be enough if I am very out of balance. I also acknowledge that I will receive an email with the results, and no physical crystals/crystal grid will be posted to me.  I also acknowledge that financial abundance, winning of lottery, big checks, or money flow might not flow in but the possibility to receive is open! The abundance of any kind is welcome. Keeping positive is important for energy to flow! 
If you have any questions before booking, please contact me.
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Cancellation Policy

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