I hold all my Reiki sessions in the evening, – the energy is best, especially on the NEW, FULL MOON. During the session, I will stay hydrated with moon water and crystal-infused water. I use Shungite to purify it and blue lace agate as well as amethyst and other quartz healing stones.

Booking!– I understand that life is chaotic and you might forget about the moon phases. I use an App on the phone! Please download a moon app that works for you on your phone!  Even if you can’t use an app you can google the next moon phase. DO NOT GET STRESSED OUT, I CONDUCT NEW, FULL MOON SESSIONS TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT AND AFTER! THE ENERGY IS VERY STRONG ALL THE WAY! 

The session is done offline and takes 30min. You can tune in while I do the healing if you have time. You will receive the exact time of the session. If you have time, relax, lay down, have a coffee, some me time! Leave the rest to me! How I will do Reiki on you!

I practice Usui Reiki. I visualize, how I place healing white energy balls or white light on you, do the reiki symbols on you/your photo, and create a chakra grid for you. I will activate it with my hands. I will take pictures and will email you the results two days after your session. I use palm stones and a pyramid stone to conduct your session. I will need the following from you! Your email address, your photo, and your real name. Once the session is done, your details, name, email, photo, etc… will be deleted.

Please be open-minded when you receive Reiki.
If you are not familiar with Reiki please find out more HERE. I practice Usui Reiki and have a Master Certificate for it.

NEW MOON meaning – represents a new start, a new beginning, and letting go of everything that you don’t need anymore. It’s a good time to set new goals and new ideas in practice.

Be quick and book! I have a limit on it – max 10 sessions!  

This is how I felt Reiki the first time ( my experience)… It felt warm and nice like a big wave is going through my body from head to toe. I felt like my body is getting a warm hug a nice lift up. I felt refreshed.
Now, this was my experience, you might not be the same but similar.
Also, keep in mind that you might not feel anything right away or a few days later only. You might feel warm or cold. If you have a headache it’s normal. Drink a lot of water.
DISCLAIMER:  By purchasing, a Reiki session, from Ink n Lace Designs I acknowledge and agree to the following: I understand that Reiki is an exchange of energy. It’s an ancient technique used to relax and reduce stress. Reiki is done in person as well in distance sessions. I acknowledge that I booked a distance session. During the Reiki session, I give permission for me to tune into your energy. I understand that Reiki does not replace my medical treatments. If I have health issues I consult a doctor, my regular GP, or specialist. I also understand that one session might not be enough if I am very our of balance. I also acknowledge that I will receive an email with the results, and no physical crystals/crystal grid will be posted to me.  
If you have any questions before booking, please contact me.
Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

As I prepare for your Reiki Session, and I need to work with your name and photo, set up healing crystals for you a refund is not possible. You can pass on the healing session if you think your friend needs it more… I just need your friend’s name and photo.

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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