I love plants and they need sometimes a little more than just water and sun! Plants love energy, good vibes and that can be done via Reiki. Plant healing can be done any time, but I  love to do it on NEW MOON and FULL MOON if I am not having clients booked in. I have a limit on it – max 10 sessions!

Animals are welcome as well, they might feel anxiety, fear or simply something is off. Like plants they need positive energy.

I offer a distant Reiki session that takes from 25-35min in combination with a healing crystal grid. I use palm stones and a pyramid stone to conduct your session. I also use Selenite a lot in my Reiki sessions.

All I need is your email, a photo of your plants, /animal  the name of your plant/pet and the emotional state your ant/pet is. Once the session is done, your personal details, name, email, etc… will be deleted.  You need to be open-minded and need to have a positive attitude that your plant gets better and has a wonderful possibility to heal after receiving Reiki.
If you are not familiar with Reiki please find out more HERE. I practice Usui Reiki and have a Master Certificate for it.
This is how I felt Reiki the first time ( my experience)… It felt warm and nice like a big wave is going through my body from head to toe. I felt like my body is getting a warm hug a nice lift up. I felt refreshed.
When it comes to plants, they will feel the energy. They will grow better and are healthier.
DISCLAIMER:  Reiki is not replacing your regular plant treatment, but it’s helping with the energy. So please, keep your daily routine, take care of your plant, pet and leave the healing energy to me. Water them, give them enough sunlight, or shade whatever is required to keep them healthy. Take care of your pet, take it regularly to a vet.
Reiki is the extra boost!
I practice Usui Reiki. I visualize, how I place healing white energy balls or white light on your plant, do the reiki symbols on the photo you send. I activate a crystal for your plant and energize it. It will be a quartz crystal so I can use water as well.
If you have any questions before booking, please contact me.
This listing is for  one  plant or one pet. If you have more plants to heal, or more pets, please contact me the healing session will be longer and requires more crystals and time. 


Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

As I prepare for your Reiki Session, and I need to work with your plant’s pets name and photo, set up healing crystals for you a refund is not possible. You can pass on the healing session if you think your friend plants need it more… I would need the same your friends, plant its name, email, etc…

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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