This listing is for one Peter Pan Collar tutorial instant download pattern. The tutorial is in Romanian Point Lace style of course.

You will receive an easy to download tutorial, in shades of green and white and ecru.

This is an instant download pattern for a Peter Pan Hummingbird collar in Romanian Point Lace style. This collar is based on a men shirt collar pattern. You will learn to create a pattern, new stitch fillings in a Romanian Lace style.

If you purchase this pattern, I assume you know how to do a simple cord – it’s not in the instructions!
This pattern has 29 pages and you get plenty of images in color to follow. You receive step by step instructions to create this pattern!

You will learn about two netting stitches and the basic embroidery stitch. Of course, you can pick any color you like! These tutorials are great if you know how to make the simple cord already- this tutorial does not include the simple cord tutorial, it’s available in the link below.

I would love to see your monstera leaf pattern.  Of course, you can pick any other colors!
Thank you for stopping by!
I wish you happy Romanian Point Lacemaking!

Download available only after checkout and return to the seller’s website!



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