Be grateful…even for Coffee!

Be grateful…even for Coffee!


There is always something to be grateful for…. Yes, I know we all are kinda grateful but these days in a Me Me Me culture, where only artificial intelligence counts, the likes and followers matter most, I think it’s good to step back each day and be grateful.


You don’t need to make it big and difficult.. How about being grateful for coffee… ?! Crazy, you say? Not at all!

Think about, just for a minute!

You wake up and there is no coffee!? Panic, stress and your day is already messed up! Right?

It goes deep, the coffee farmer, the coffee picker, the coffee company , the store where you purchase it, etc…. See it;s a long chain and this is just scratching the surface! So,  be grateful even for coffee!

So, how can we feel better on a day to day level? Simple! Have an open mind, smile more, be grateful even for the small things. For the small items, moments and people that surround us.

Once grateful your lifestyle will change. You will feel refreshed full of energy and hope. To celebrate, I created a little print. It can be a little reminder how being grateful makes you better, nicer, and attract more good vibes.

To purchase this print, that ca be a fantastic gift, click HERE.
Are you grateful of small stuff as well? If yes, I am would love to hear about!

Comment below and let me know! Have a gorgeous day!











 Have you heard of DADA? Well yes, it;s a real WORD and yes you can find it in the Dictionary! DADA is famous in the world of ART in the world of FASHION….. It is a must in a cultural society.

What is DADA!

Dada was an art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich in negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. The art, poetry and performance produced by dada artists is often satirical and nonsensical in nature. (Wikipedia) 



DADA defines itself and creates itself in the fashion world….. DADA originated in Europe 1916 and never actually stopped if you ask me….From Originator Marchel DuChamp the DADA movement in the fashion industry had a hard time first and was shocking. Vivienne Westwood, was one of the first fashion designers who broke the boundaries and DADA was born or moved into the fashion industry. After that it was easy and more acceptable for designers like Galliano , Maison Martin Margiela or Victor & Rolf to push more and more!



You probably think that these pigiont shoes are just art or insane, well theses days everything is DADA and it will go further and further… because we humans need to break through the boundaries, not only for our self but for future generations….. there is no stop to DADA or creativity…. All is possible!

So enjoy a cup of coffee, and create some DADA.….

By the way when I broke into a traditional world of Romanian Point Lace where everything is beige, ecru or white my colourful pieces and not traditional concept and approach to this antique lace making technique, was a shocking fabulous adventure!

Most people did not understand and did not like the idea that something so old and perfect…. is not colourful, not for the table and more….. meaning a wearable piece, a concept to take to another level.

Do you like DADA?





How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?


Monday, Monday….. It;s rainy here in Brisbane, and insanely hot!

I normally do not share my daily doings on Social media or even blog about…… So why not this time!?

Get the toddler ready, breakfast…. But first COFFEE!

It’s Christmas time,  and when you have a toddler in the house it;s all about Santa, Christmas trees and gifts, gifts and more gifts! Hmmmm!

So after a massive potty training time,  that can end up in singing, watching potty videos and funky conversation …. Does Santa see me on the toilet????? The toddler is ready to play! And Me, I am ready for another coffee!

Rushing to the post office to ship some orders out.. and yup it;s still raining!

It;s time to create a bit…. Baby sleeps and I am ready and have time to blog a bit.

But first let me get in the mood! My Scentsy Amazon Rain melting wax is on – Take me to the Amazon!

I am ready to roll!

Coming back from the post office I checked my mailbox and my secret Santa, left something for me! Exited like a little kid I open my gift. Yeah, yeah, I know it;s not Xmas, BUT hey it;s finally quite in the house and I have time for  myself! So let me be with the words of my toddler!

Let me tell you how the Secret Santa came along! I am part of a fabulous Group on FB. A fun groups where Graphic Designers come together, talk , discuss job related issues and share design ideas, etc…..and since Christmas is around the corner our Admin the fabulous Anna Dower created the Secret Santa gift exchange! Check her page out she is amazing!

So back to my lace embroidery project till it;s still peaceful!

How was your Monday?






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