R U OK Day!

R U OK Day!


Today, I want to ask you simply,  R U OK ? If you never heard of R U OK DAY, click here.  

In today’s world it’s hard to reach out. I find that it;s even harder because everybody is hiding behind a device, Deep engaged into our phones, tablets and social media we forget to simply ask How are you today?or Are you Ok today?  Asking face to face is sometimes hard we don;t reach out because we think it might not be our business to ask! And here we are wrong, we need to ask R U OK?  

You ask what you can do? There is a lot you can do! First pay attention and listen! A friend might need you to simply take a moment and listen.

Always make sure, that you take time for yourself and when you feel you have dark days, always remember…..


There is a lot of ways to find out what to do, how to help!

Here are some simple ideas

Get involved

-Share your Story here if you have! You might be able to help others!


This is what I do if I feel blue… A hot cup of tea or coffee watching a comedy…. and if that might not cheer me up, lace of course!

But I always remember this:

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust from everyday life.”  Picasso

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Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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