Happy Fashion Easter

Happy Fashion Easter

When it comes to Easter, I have a different approach to it….. I do not think Easter Hunt and Christian Easter, I think FASHION! Yup , FASHION, to be precise, I think Faberge Eggs. The most famous eggs were produced in Russia for Alexander III. Yup Russia, a country full of history and culture, gave us the Faberge Egg. A pure luxury a decadent gift.

In total 50 eggs have been created and 42 actually survived, so it;s understandable why they are so precious and so loved by collectors.  Carl Faberge was the creator of the Faberge Eggs.

The Faberge Egg has become the symbol of luxury. It is created with metals, precious stones and gemstones. The first egg was truly unique and egg within an egg. A white shell with platinum and a golden hen with the imperial crown.


The House of Faberge is an amazing brand and they came far along since the Imperial Eggs. You should check out the collections, right here.

Faberge was a great inspiration for the fashion industry. Take a look at these amazing pieces. Mary Katranzou’s 2012 collection was fabulous

Balmain and Alexander McQueen. These are amazing pieces that  originate in the Faberge Egg.

Let me know what you think about the Faberge Egg!

I got inspired by the Faberge Egg and here is what came out! A print inspired by flowers, Spring and a touch of fashion.

If you want to check it out , please click here.



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