How to block Romanian Point Lace

How to block Romanian Point Lace

How to block Romanian Point Lace

Blocking is the basic right of any handmade item from crochet  to knit and lace…. exceptions of blocking are embroidered pieces.

When you block a finished piece you need to do a few steps before. In the crochet area you, wash it and block it on a mat. When  it comes to Romanian Point Lace, you, can wash it or you can spray it down and put it into shape in a gentile form on a fabric piece or mat. You can pin it down on the foam mat and leave it to dry or you can iron it on the other side while it is still on attached to the calico.

The reason why I do not iron the lace piece on the back is first of all it makes it harder later on to take all the sewing thread out of the cord. If you look closer to the vintage Romanian Point Lace Doilies , you can find traces of lace stuck in the cord. It was getting so difficult to  pull it out that at some point I try to figure out a different method.

My method is to take it off, clean it from all the thread, wash is gentile and pin to to the mat.

If you try to block your Romanian Point Lace, feel free to share it with me.

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Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

I am always on the hunt for great designs by great people and I think I found another treasure by Janet Lohrman! She is creating wonderful crochet hooks all handmade and one of a kind! If you feel that you deserve a great hook to express your creativity or know a serious crocheter, this might be a perfect gift!

Please introduce yourself….

My name is Janet Lohrman
(I prefer Jan please) I am a 52 year old retired nurse and I have a passion for making wooden crochet hooks.

Why crochet hooks and what woke up the passion to start making them?

Being retired I crochet a lot of the time. So one day I sat down and watched a bushman on you tube make one from a stick.
I immediately thought I can do that. So with the aid of my disabled partner, we went on a wood collecting frenzy. I only use Australian tree limbs that have fallen to the ground. That’s what I use, it could be gum tree or a white gum tree called a ghost gum and I have use Tasmanian Oak along with the traditional bottle brush tree.

How long does it take you to make one, and what material do you use?

On average once someone has placed an order and given me the size/s. I then begin to whittle a branch to the correct size as I also make the thicker handles for those with arthritis.


What sizes are you make and where can we purchase them?

The sizes that I can make as I don’t use any machinery at all are 5mm up to what ever size my client wishes. The smaller sizes are much harder due to the heads size being too hard to carve out with my utility knife. I have a hook sizing die and I double check them with vernier to be doubly accurate on sizing. From start to finish depending on the quantity of hooks per order and again sizing. In general one hook from start to finish to postage can take anywhere from 3 – 4 days.
This also depends if the want details carved into it or beads added to the ends. Pricing can also vary on thick and normal handles, carvings or beads.

Where can we find you on social media ?

I can be found on Facebook under my general page of Jan Lohrman. Or I can be pmed. I am pretty on the ball to check messages and look at Facebook many times through out the day.

Don;t they look amazing?

Let me know how you like them!



Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Bendigo Woollen Mills


Admit it you are a yarn hoarder and you like to add one more skein into your vast collection!

I discovered a fabulous brand here in Australia -Bendigo Woollen Mills. It;s a stunning place! I always wanted to try the yarn they offer and now is the right time to introduce it on my blog.

I love to work with organic, natural and stunning yarn. I believe that Bendigo Woollen Mills hits all categories!


Since stripes are so IN in 2017 I decided to create a simple but effective designs, using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn.


What I love the most about this brand is , that the quality is very close to perfection! The colours are divine and easy to work with plain and in combination. Since winter is coming these wool yarns are fabulous! A clean thread that has a great slide on the crochet hook as well as on the knitting needles. It is also very comfortable on the sewing needle, while creating bullions.

I heard only good reviews about Bendigo Woollen Mills but never got the chance to introduce it into my work! It was about time to let you all know what fabulous product it is!

Please let me know how you like Bendigo Yarn and what you are making with it!


If you would like to create this pattern please let me know and I will make a tutorial on that.

Now to the fun part of this blog post! If you never tried yarn from Bendigo, this is your chance to work with! I will giveaway, 2 yarn skeins! So we will have two winners, shortly!

You can win one Donut ball IGLOO 100% pure wool and I will also give away one Bendigo skein Grey 3PLY 100% wool!

Winter is Coming so happy Crochet and good luck!

How you can win!

You will receive points that you need to collect to be able to be on the list for winning one skein!

I will select two winners randomly!

1- Comment below why you would like to win one skein from Bendigo! Do not forget to add your email!

2-Like & subscribe  to our  YouTube and SHARE IT!

3- Follow us on Facebook

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7- Share this blogpost so more people get to know about Bendigo Woollen Mills on your social media!

If you collect all 10 points ( comment, like, subscribe share the you tube video, follow both ink & Lace and Bendigo on Facebook, follow twitter, follow Instagram Ink & Lace and Bendigo, Share the blogpost on your social media!

This is an Australian GIVEAWAY!

You have time to enter the giveaway till  March 9th 2017!

The winner will be informed by email!

Good luck!


Lorena !



Be Original….

Be Original….

Being unique is not only a must these days but an obligation to yourself and to the pride of being human! Fashion is playing a huge  part of taking pride in your look.

You can be unique with accessories a great way out of the fashion jungle! I want to introduce to you some gorgeous handbags created by  Larisa Chilton

Introducing “Rose Garden”….



By the way if you would like to learn to create this beautiful purse, feel free to contact Larisa and you can dive into the beautiful art of Irish Crochet.

Being and illustrator and in the fashion business, it was impossible for me to not swing the brush and illustrate this handbag. ….






Homage Handmade….Why I do what I do ….

Homage Handmade….Why I do what I do ….

Why I do what I do….. I create ‪‎handmade‬ fashion accessories‬ unnamed (40)and clothing‬ that is done purely by ‪‎hand‬! Some people ask why…. ?! Because the roots of true ‪‎fashion‬ are thehands‬, the #hands that ‪‎create‬, and make you the buyer‬ feel truly unique‬ and original‬. Because this was the beginning and ‪‎tradition‬ that needs to stay alive! Because we want to be individuals and we need to stay out in the crowd, especially ‪‎today‬ where everything is not only massproduction‬, but ‪‎fast‬, and‪ ‎mediocre‬ ‪‎quality‬ !


We live in a worldhat no eyes of ‪‎consume‬, a world of throw away‬ and to own a piece that is truly made with‪‎love‬, dedication‬, sweat‬ and ‪‎blood‬ is not only‪ ‎rare‬ but ‪‎priceless‬! Not many understand the value‬ of ‪‎true handmade‬ and I believe it;s time to make it clear to the next generations!


If we continue like this, one day we wear‪‎ clothes‬ out of pure ‪‎plastic‬!




Make the‪‎ world‬ more beautiful and wear originals! That is why I do what I do! I live for #handmade and unique designs!

So welcome  my little world of design!





Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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