Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Introducing Bendigo Woollen Mills & Giveaway!

Bendigo Woollen Mills


Admit it you are a yarn hoarder and you like to add one more skein into your vast collection!

I discovered a fabulous brand here in Australia -Bendigo Woollen Mills. It;s a stunning place! I always wanted to try the yarn they offer and now is the right time to introduce it on my blog.

I love to work with organic, natural and stunning yarn. I believe that Bendigo Woollen Mills hits all categories!


Since stripes are so IN in 2017 I decided to create a simple but effective designs, using Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn.


What I love the most about this brand is , that the quality is very close to perfection! The colours are divine and easy to work with plain and in combination. Since winter is coming these wool yarns are fabulous! A clean thread that has a great slide on the crochet hook as well as on the knitting needles. It is also very comfortable on the sewing needle, while creating bullions.

I heard only good reviews about Bendigo Woollen Mills but never got the chance to introduce it into my work! It was about time to let you all know what fabulous product it is!

Please let me know how you like Bendigo Yarn and what you are making with it!


If you would like to create this pattern please let me know and I will make a tutorial on that.

Now to the fun part of this blog post! If you never tried yarn from Bendigo, this is your chance to work with! I will giveaway, 2 yarn skeins! So we will have two winners, shortly!

You can win one Donut ball IGLOO 100% pure wool and I will also give away one Bendigo skein Grey 3PLY 100% wool!

Winter is Coming so happy Crochet and good luck!

How you can win!

You will receive points that you need to collect to be able to be on the list for winning one skein!

I will select two winners randomly!

1- Comment below why you would like to win one skein from Bendigo! Do not forget to add your email!

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If you collect all 10 points ( comment, like, subscribe share the you tube video, follow both ink & Lace and Bendigo on Facebook, follow twitter, follow Instagram Ink & Lace and Bendigo, Share the blogpost on your social media!

This is an Australian GIVEAWAY!

You have time to enter the giveaway till  March 9th 2017!

The winner will be informed by email!

Good luck!


Lorena !



Your Hands, your Tools

Your Hands, your Tools

Your hands are not only a part of you and you use them daily, you use them more as you think, specially when you crochet, knit, do pointlace or more…..

It is important to keep your hands not only clean or course but moisture-zed. You need to take care of them daily! I admit sometimes I don;t and this is bad… the consequences are not only visible but I also feel it! WP_20160619_14_33_38_Pro

The bands become hard, edge the skin is rough and the upper layer is cutting….

You ask what to do?!

LOTION! Apply Lotion!

Pick one that is not only easy to use but is good for your skin. I am not talking about buying the most expensive product out there, buy one that keep your skin great!

If I have to travel or I am on the go! I have in my purse a small jar of neutrogena or vaseline.

If I am at home I use organic virgin olive oil or WP_20160522_16_35_07_Prococonut oil. Works wonders!

This is how I do it!

Apply half a teaspoon coconut oil in your palm and gently rub it on your hands and arms, feel as well if your skin is dry. ( Tip: You can use it all over your body including hair)

Gently massage it in and let your hands relax a bit. The oil will soak up quick and your hands will feel great again. It depends on your skin type but I notes that when I use coconut oil my hands need moisturising just 2x a week and sometimes less all depending on the weather condition of course. I have less cuts and I can create more lace or crochet.

If your hands are dry, when you crochet, knit or do lace, the thread or yarn you use, can damage your skin. Because you do a repetitive movement for a longer period of time, and the thread hits your skin on the same spot, if can be easily cut.


If you like the article, feel free to share it with your friends!


Let me know how you take care of your hands!






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