Lace collars….

Lace collars….



Lace Collars…. And so much more! 

It does not matter where you go in Europe or at what historical period you have a look at,  lace was and is a starting point. Lace was popular for both women and men. At the beginning lace was only for the high class, royalty, noble men and women…. The middle class was creating the lace collars, the lace appliques and so much more but yet were not allowed to wear it. Something we can;t even imagine these days… We live in a world of fast fashion where lace is a rarity of it;s made by hand, These days lace is made by machines… sadly I have to say that is something that drives me maddddddddddddddddddddd! What about you? If you create lace by hand, you know what I mean. The same goes for crochet, knit, etc…. 

             To me if feels like we devalue us as people as a society that can do wonders with our hands , some with their feet and brain… If we let a machine take over and one day technology vanishes who can create all these magical intrigued designs? Certainly the new generations do not have a clue how to even hold a needle, a hook or even create a lace pattern… Don;t even get me started! LOL 


The collar you see below is a traditional Romanian Point Lace Collar. 

It has the traditional  ecru thread and the traditional pattern

  • floral
  • vegetal
  • simple Romanian cord 
  • traditional shape design ( V shape)
  • leaf motives with traditional filings 

What actually happens to you, when you put a lace collar on, oh well you can actually transform your outfit into an elegant outfit , no effort at all! You are chic and elegant in 2018! You can adopt the Parisian look so easy just by wearing a lace collar. 

 This collar is a great example for a modern Romanian Point Lace, design. It has a touch of tradition, since it’s in ecru and follows a repetitive motive. The designer of this collar is Russian – I could not find out the name. 


The white design above is made in two identical pieces. It is for a dress and the focus point is the shoulder line in front and back. It’s also traditional in pattern, design, shape and even colour. It;s white for the following reasons. 

  •  it is made for a young girl 
  •  a wedding piece
  •  wedding dress 
  • part of a dowry
  • christening 
  • birth gift  

Now  the good part about how Romanian Point Lace collars are made is that we simply apply them to the blouse, attaching them only in certain points on the item to make it stay, but easy to be removed.  

I created a collar that has all the aspects of traditional Romanian Point Lace – repetitive motive, geometrical design, flat lace, floral organic elements, but the colour is different. I was still using the traditional thread from Romanofir but the colour simply just spoke to me. I was thinking it might look amazing to be able to wear a lace collar on light clothes. Since almost all the lace pieces are done in light colours, this might be a way to keep lace still interesting. 

If you want to hear more about this type of collar, check out the video below! You can see why type of hooks I used for it and how I broke it down.

Thank you 

If you have any questions on the lace collars, please comment below! Also, tell me how you wear your lace collar! 






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