Pantone 2021

Pantone 2021

Are you ready for Pantones colour sellection for 2021? I’m beyond ready and love the combo.

Pantone 2021

We are dealing with Ultimate Grey and Illumination. I find that after such crazy year we all need some illumination and Pantone picked the right tone for it!

Ultimate Grey is such a calming, gorgeous colour and goes fabulous with the bright and vibrant yellow.

Pantone colour 2021

So if you love the combo, You are not Alone like Jason Naylor painted. Check out his IG  HERE

AAlso if you are interested in the deck that I’m using it’s from Inna Segal and it’s called The secret Language of colour. I use this deck special when I work on new colour combos for my art or lace jewellery pieces. This deck has fantastic vibes.

Lemon yellow is a colour of inspiration and warmth. This colour is so fun and vibrant, it can boost your memory and can help you in reading, writing and learning. It can you also help being creative and will give you a boost of energy. Try holding a lemon in your hand or something yellow and see what happens. Add yellow flowers to your desk and let the good vibes flow.

Silver! A gorgeous colour of peace. It calmes the nerves and its strong at the same time. Silver grey flushes toxines from the body and helps healing.

Agate necklace

Românofir thread

These shades of yellow are available in the thread section of the store!



Ps: just a few more weeks and this crazy year is over!

If you use crystals have an yellow crystal like Citrine, Amber Yellow, calcite or yellow Aventurine, etc…. And as far as silver/ultimate grey crystals you can use hématite, silver quartz, shungite, silver pyrite, or Herderite.


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