Accessories Trends 2023

Accessories Trends 2023

Accessories, always make or break a look, but they always complete it! Keep that in mind, when you get ready every morning! Adding a statement piece to your daily wear is like walking on a cloud and feeling truly special.  

“We must buy jewelry; it identifies us with our tribe, just as body piercing identifies those of a different tribe.” – Paulo Coelho

Iris Apfel is wearing jewelry for every outfit, every day… Do you want to know why?!!! Because it gives you the opportunity to transform, to change the energy, the feel of who you are, and shine in a new light every single day. Jewelry show truly that you are unique. This is also the main reason why I create all my pieces as statement pieces and design only one of a kind… I long for the desire to make my clients feel unique and special.  
We know that Pantone picked a color for 2023- Vivia Magenta Check out HERE!
Now let’s see what the trends are for 2023 when it comes to jewelry! 

Body Jewellery of all types

Stella McCarthy 2023

Pendant necklaces. 

Micheal Kors 2023

Hoop Earrings

Misho 2023

Large collars

Dior 2023 

Brooches in textile


Prada 2023

Do you like the trends for 2023? 
I am working on a new collection for 2023 and it will be with have two new elements that are based on body jewelry of course Romanian Point Lace related! 




The grapes

The grapes

The grape is a delicious fruit and with the deeply rooted history. In Romania the grapes have a special place. Like any other country we make wine of course but we also make Most. It’s kinda like mwine but more like a nectar. It’s fabulous for the gut and kids can enjoy a glass.

In ancient time the god of wine Dionisos was a big deal in Romania, almost as much as he was in ancient Greece. We had holy places at Ulpia Traiana (capital of Dacia) where wine was offered for Dionisos… With that in mind, the grape was very important. In fact still today we start Autumn with a festival of wine, we give the first glass back to the soil when we open a bottle and we incorporate the grape design into our paintings and lace making.

In Romanian Point Lace this design is even called the grape. The one above is my personal one. But since the design was popular I made one for the store.

Above golden autumn… Sold out, but get in touch for custom designs.

If you are interested in the bullion stitch check out the tutorials and instant pattern!

Check out the necklace called the grapes. It’s available in the store or on Etsy!



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