Pastels a little different

Pastels a little different

Pastels a little different ……



By now you should know, I colour and everything has to be bold and colourful…. so typical of Queensland LOL … I guess specially after living for a few years in New Zealand, ( those who lived there and are not true KIWIS , know what I am talking about) you are tired of seeing black …. Yeah it;s elegant, bla bla … but Black onion look is not IN anymore and it;s damn boring….

But back to the Pastels! 

Like all artists I l have one brand that I love to work with when it comes to pastels, specially SOFT-PASTELS  I love to illustrate with Pastels from MUNGYO

This brand is from KOREA  and is doing an amazing job!

My favourite medium when it comes to illustration is to use watercolour. Well since UNI I liked to experiment and mix colours… I use these Soft Pastels like I use Watercolour Pencils.


Try to draw a line with the soft pastel…. Add a little water to your brush and start colouring.. Are you amazed now? The pastel, specially the soft pastel, acts like wonderful watercolour.

This is my brand to go!

 How do you use Pastels, if any?




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