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Ink & Lace specializes in Romanian Point Lace ( RPL) pattern and jewellery, beauty vanity art and Reiki healing. Below you can find out the most popular products


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About Me

Hey, I’m Lorena, but you can call me Lore! I’m a mom of two amazing kids and love to enjoy life in Brisbane. My love for travel and celebrating my roots led me to creating my antique lace business that uses Romanian developed techniques. Once used exclusively for weddings, home decor and dowries, I’ve fused the tradition with my love for fashion, and have created a line of handmade jewelry! Most days you can find me at my drawing desk, on my second cup of coffee, developing courses to spread my knowledge of Romanian Point Lace, and trying to hide art supplies from my kids! Ink & Lace was born to create, share my love for my heritage and passions, and teaches others about antique lace and to keep it alive.

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Reiki Healing

Ink & Design Packages

Blue Thumb Gallery

Make the perfect cord

Making cord is the basics when it comes to RPL. Check out the video below for
step by step instructions.

Dusty Pink Orchid:
Easy patter to follow, fun and beautiful, design.
Red Frangipani:
Organic floral design, easy to follow Instructions. It’s fun to create
Green bullion:
Versaille options creating a bullion.easy to try creating with needle or crochet hook. I enjoyed the pattern. 
Reg the Facebook membership can you add it to the books. It might fit. It’s a private page where you can learn lace making.
By purchasing the membership you get excess to pattern and zoom classes. 

Our Promise to You

Attention to detail, always one of a kind, original products. So mote it be.


100% organic threads- Made in RO

We use organic threads, Made in Romania. A 100 year old brand called  Romanofir, from Talmaciu, Transylvania. We also use Australian threads and yarns, but this brand is specific for Romanian Point Lace and fine crochet.


100 % personal Reiki love

We love to spread only good vibes so here at Ink & Lace we love to conduct Reiki healing session with a personal touch.


100 % high quality

Everything we do here is high quality, original, does not matter if you look at our art, prints, Reiki sessions, pattern and jewelry. Each product is created with love, with a personality in mind and using only the best materials!


100% beauty art / custom illustrations and insta downloads

All our products are 100% real and honest. If you want to feel great, look unique and have your home in a special style stick with us!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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