Reiki Healing

If you want to feel more energized, in tune with yourself and simply feel better, it’s time for a Reiki healing session. From the first healing session, the clients respond positively and feel better. Are you ready to not only feel better but embrace your energy? If you answer with YES, book a healing session.

I conduct my healing sessions on the NEW MOON and FULL MOON! Simply because first the energy level is on the highest and second of all it’s a magical time!

Why NEW MOON? Simply because New Moon is the beginning of the first lunar cycle. It’s great for setting new goals and aims as well as to start an energetic journey great.

Why FULL MOON? Simply because the energy is at the highest level. The full Moon is representing growth and a time to manifest abundance and make dreams come true.

All my crystals used for Reiki healing are cleansed and charged at the full moon. Moon water is created infused with crystals set with intentions.

It does not matter if you miss the NEW MOON or the FULL MOON… the energy of both phases is great two days before the event and after so there is always plenty of time to book!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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