Distance Reiki Healing SUBSCRIPTION



Reduce your stress monthly with a Distance Reiki Subscription!

I conduct a single Reiki Session every month on the New Moon and Full Moon. You can reduce your stress every month. I channel Reiki energy to you, sending out good vibes… You sit back, enjoy your days, and leave your energy in my hands. You will feel refreshed, full of energy, and in a good mood.

All I need from you is your real name and an image of you so I can connect with you.

Sometimes one session is not enough and a few sessions will do the job! Best is to get a short term subscription. I offer two options a 3-month and a 6-month healing session.

What you will receive with the subscription!

I will connect with you/your energy once a week ( 4x a month) in the evening. So if you booked a 3-month subscription I will connect with you – 12x and if you booked a 6-month subscription we will connect our energy -24x.

I create a crystal grid for you with your needs and activate it. You can book a one-time session- or a minimum of 3months and a 6months subscription.

3-month subscription- $ 162.95

6-month subscription – $ 324.95

What will happen after the session? Good question! We are all filled with energy, some are positive, some are negative, mixed and some are simply not flowing! We need to get your energy moving again! You will feel warm and joyful inside. You will smile more and feel good. It might not happen overnight, but you will feel a change!

What you can do in the meantime? Simple, stay positive, smile to the little things in life, and drink a lot of water! Our body is 60% water so no wonder we react to the moon and to flowing energy.

Looking forward to getting your energy flowing! 






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