Home Cleansing Kit



This Kit was created to bring back the good vibes in your home and to bring positive energy to your gorgeous space. Cleanse away the bad energy of the past.

This could be also a great gift not only for yourself, and others. especially as a housewarming gift or moving gift!

Kit includes:

  • mini selenite wand
  • one worry stone -selected with the intention for you!
  • Reiki-infused, flacon ( pink, salt, pepper, cloves Reiki crystal chips – Citrine for happiness,)
  • one surprise tumbled stone ( Every crystal is unique, keep in mind that once purchased- might not match the images exactly!)
  • One set of Sage incense sticks
  • one Crystal Flame ( Carnelian ) 3inch / 7,8cm
  • info on each product
  • 10 min Distance Healing Reiki session

Enjoy a fresh energized home!


Carnelian Flame: Carnelian brings more energy to a space, to you! Brings warmth to your home and motivation. It brings protection and joy as well as positivity. It makes the people around it happy and positive.

Origin of Stone Brazil.



Follow how to use instructions before starting!










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