Mondrian Inspiration…. Romanian Point Lace

Mondrian Inspiration…. Romanian Point Lace

As far as I remember, Romanian Point Lace, was and will be always about organic shapes, about floral compositions and natural traditional forms.
I was inspired a while ago, to create something in Romanian Point Lace that actually was art related. Yes, but not to do lace in landscape, style or portrait. I wanted to be radical and take RPL to a different level in lace making- minimalist and simple. So it had to be Piet Mondrian. The dutch painter is one of my favourite artists.
One of my favourite quotes form Mondrian, is the one below, and this was in my mind, while working  on a new RPL design.

“To approach the spiritual in art, one will make as little use as possible of reality, because reality is opposed to the spiritual.”

I had in mind to start with similar colours but to make light blue a larger focus and to give red a painting look like vibe, by creating a cover weaving design. I picked RED, LIGHT BLUE, WHITE of course and a touch of LIGHT YELLOW. Of course the black lines at the end.

 The famous Composition II from 1930 Red, Blue and Yellow was always in the back of my mind. If you can;t picture what I mean check out the painting below. Oil on canvas and his best known work. One of Mondrian’s best known works, a product of his De Stijl period.

And now let me show you how I approached his style in my RPL. The idea is to start with clean lines and fill them up with netting designs. It would have been overwhelming to create gorgeous Romanian Point Lace style floral fillings and integrate designs, that would take way from the inspiration.

 The idea is to give RPL a freshness a new style so new generations view this type of lace with new ideas and get the idea to create something incredible! C’mon I dare you, paint with the needle!

He gave the art world such a fresh

view on art, on shapes and opened the minds of future artists and painters.

I am trying to achieve it with future lace makers, crochet artist and textile designers.

This is the way I was approached by my professors at the fine arts university…

I love the soft colour combo and the deep red that breaks it a bit and makes it stand out.

Also considering that it will be with black simple cord lined out, it gets me a bit exited… It’s always cleaned out once black is added to an art piece, and I want to mimic this effect that is so basic and giving in art into this lace piece. Last night I was thinking about, what this could be and I believe it makes a great accessory as well as a fantastic wall piece framed. I will see how it works out best.

As far as accessory, it would make a fabulous brooch. Not tooooooooooooo large, and still with a statement , BOLD, CLEAR,  MODERN and a CONVERSATION STARTER.

It;s great once a piece comes together…. and here I believe it does, by adding the black. I will line it up and update you on the finish piece in another post. Like you know I work on many projects at the same time, just because , well I can LOL!

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