Scentsy …. An adventure into Home Decor and Fragrances…..

Scentsy …. An adventure into Home Decor and Fragrances…..


Have you heard of it? If not,  you will be going on this adventure with me! A short while ago I discovered by accident on social media , Facebook to be  exact Scentsy….. I wanted to see what is it all about! And boy was this a great day when Anna Kilvington an Independent Scentsy Consultant dropped an basket full of Scentsy goodies for me to try out.

From Baby to cleaning products, from body wash to wax melt bars and warmers…. After trying every product out I found a few that spoke to me….. Like this amazing Room Spray get it here. I had the luxury to try out White Tea & Cactus Room Spray.

Now I know what you will probably say… yup its just a room spray…. well I beg your pardon…… but it;s not. Not only that it;s amazing…. You spray it on your carpet in the evening , you go to bed and you wake up with the most amazing smell… It last almost two days and guess what I use it not only in the rooms! On no my friend , I use it to wake up and freshen up my lace pieces. It is truly amazing.




Now you know what I use the Room Spray for as well…. Let me know if you use Scentsy products and how!

Please check out her Facebook page, get in touch and see how Scentsy can make your home a greater place! I also ordered two wax melt bars, Lush Gardenia and Amazon Rain. These two are wonderful. Fresh and vibrant simply lifting up your home.

Now when it comes to  warmers, there are so many … take your time, have a tea or coffee and dive into the online shop. Well I have a warmer and could not wait to try out Lush Gardenia. It is amazing! I can tell you that I used two bars in one go and the smell lasted two days and I used it again and again. Two bars have been reused at least 4 times , so great bargain!

Also, if you look for Specials, check it out here. I am happy to have discovered Scentsy and these products  are part of my home.Thank you Anna for dropping them to my door!

What is your favourite Scentsy product?



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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