What does Bread mean to you?

To me a lot….. Bread means life, it;s more than food, it;s more than flour, water, (yeast ) mixed together… it;s family, money and memories….

For some people, bread is simply bread… In Romania, bread has a special meaning…. The design is unique, it’s fun and not easy to do. They mostly braid bread, similar to Romanian Point Lace designs….. Check the images below!

I grew up in Cugir a small town in Transylvania and every three days we went to buy bread… not just any bread… Bread from Lae Pecu…. It might not say anything to you, but let me explain! Are you ready?! In the image below is the late Lae Pecu. He was a very good friend of my grandpa and we always went into the backdoor to get our bread. While they were talking about the all time….. I always received a treat similar to a bagel these days but way better! I had no idea how lucky I was! Nicholas Hanegar ( Lae Pecu) not only made the best bread in town, he put Cugir on the culinary map in Romania.

His bread was so famous that people started to come from far to buy his bread. These days the bakery is still going stroner than ever! His grandson took over….. If you want to find out more about this amazing bread….. Read here!

Bread to us is actually so important that bread is actually used as a plate for soups. Check it out below! Funky!

But you probably wonder why I tell you all this about bread, coz you are here to read about Romanian Point Lace or Art! Well I blog about this topic so you can see some braided bread designs and understand how connected bread is to how we make point lace! Now you know!

Personally I am such a bread fan, that I have a bread culture in the fridge that is 3 years old almost! Yes, I made my own Sourdough! What about you?

If you pay attention to the designs, you can see that most pattern are like Romanian Point Lace designs, organic, symmetric and traditional. The one design below is inspired by Constantin Brancusi and the Endless Column.


The bread below is inspired by an ancient culture, Cucuteni… You find more about here!


One of my favourite designs is the bread pattern below, such a traditional floral design, for bread and for RPL!


If you like the images of sourdough bread you might like to check out the Instagram Account of Anna A Negru  So please follow, coz I do!

Have you tried to make bread? If you are motivated, this is my recipe, simple and easy! It; just takes time!

If you want to make a starter click HERE 

The way we like to make lace, point lace, the way we like to enjoy and make bread it;s no wonder we create bread in form of grapes! Check this beauty out!




PS: Comment below and let me know about your love for Bread!

All images are provided by Google. They do not belong to me!




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