Be grateful…even for Coffee!

Be grateful…even for Coffee!


There is always something to be grateful for…. Yes, I know we all are kinda grateful but these days in a Me Me Me culture, where only artificial intelligence counts, the likes and followers matter most, I think it’s good to step back each day and be grateful.


You don’t need to make it big and difficult.. How about being grateful for coffee… ?! Crazy, you say? Not at all!

Think about, just for a minute!

You wake up and there is no coffee!? Panic, stress and your day is already messed up! Right?

It goes deep, the coffee farmer, the coffee picker, the coffee company , the store where you purchase it, etc…. See it;s a long chain and this is just scratching the surface! So,  be grateful even for coffee!

So, how can we feel better on a day to day level? Simple! Have an open mind, smile more, be grateful even for the small things. For the small items, moments and people that surround us.

Once grateful your lifestyle will change. You will feel refreshed full of energy and hope. To celebrate, I created a little print. It can be a little reminder how being grateful makes you better, nicer, and attract more good vibes.

To purchase this print, that ca be a fantastic gift, click HERE.
Are you grateful of small stuff as well? If yes, I am would love to hear about!

Comment below and let me know! Have a gorgeous day!




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