Updates on the Sinful Apple

Updates on the Sinful Apple

If you are not familiar with the last blogpost on Sinful Apple have a look! It;s time to show you some updates! Going Green

After introducing the BordeauxWP_20151130_22_47_46_Pro and red thread on top of the cream silk viscose thread it’s time to going for the green cotton thread.



I love working with different thread. Texture, colour, design and concept.

What would you do with this design?





PS: Happy weekend!

Updates on the Sinful Apple

Bullions, bullions….. to needle or to crochet!?

Even as a crafter sometimes you are in a dilemma! Should you needle a bullion or should you crochet!? For those of you who don;t know what the heck I am talking about, watch the video below and for those who know that problem very well, feel free to share your opinion! I would love to hear it!


When I started to create Romanian Point Lace professionally, I love to avoid the bullions. Traditionally they are used for the grape design.



Now this image is from Last Century- Etsy shop and it shows beautifully the grapes – not only in design, colour, texture but also in execution. Now let me tell you these are not easy to make ad it takes time, dedication and perseverance to master them! Once you do, you will feel like you conquer the world! At least the Romanian Point Lace world!


RPL Bullion 10


So to make it easy, I started to create some videos on these bullions! Once you master them, you can create all kind of bullions! Size, shape, 3D, etc….

Are you ready for the bullions? [kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3cLTlLIpFU”]

Now here comes the dilemma…..

How do you create the bullions? Do you use the needle method, or do you crochet it out?

I tried both and I have to say, that the needle method is better for me. I find it easy, faster specially when I have to create quite a few bullions and it looks better.

If you want to try the crochet version, you  need to keep in mind that you need a different type of crochet hook! Make sure you use a lace crochet hook.

kit luxury line thread  and hooks

The lace crochet hooks that I am using are from JMRA- 0,75 and 1.00mm In the image it’s the polymer clay crochet hook and the blue yellow one. The caly crochet hook was custom made by Moira’s Gifts A gorgeous etsy shop that you need to check out!

After posting the needle version, I have been asked to create a video with the crochet version… e voilà !

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yY-2CYQnUA”]


I use the bullion design for my jewellery line or to decorate gift wraps….. What are or  will you use it for?

Beige nude Black RPL


Show me your bullions! If you like the videos and want to see more Romanian Point Lace designs, feel free to share, comment and subscribe! Become my point lace buddy!





Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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