Sullivans …. have you hear of it? If not here is Sullivans Story….

Sullivans is based in Queensland, Australia. Sullivans is an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler. they provide an amazing range of Knitting and Crochet Range. I crochet a lot with Sullivans Crochet thread. They own branches in the USA and in New Zealand.

It;s a soft crochet thread that is fabulous to work with, in crochet, knitting and even tatting.


The necklace above is created using these two threads… Sapphire            

and Apricot.    

Two great colours and threads to work with, crochet, knitting,  cross stitch, and of course Romanian Point Lace.

Sullivans provides another range that is o favourite of mine!  The ROYAL RAYON CROCHET … this range is not cheap when you do a larger project but it;s fabulous to work with. I love OLD GOLD a 3PLY thread that is very antique looking.

How you work with Sullivans thread? IF not I can only recommend that you try it!











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