Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

Introducing Jan’s Crochet Hooks!

I am always on the hunt for great designs by great people and I think I found another treasure by Janet Lohrman! She is creating wonderful crochet hooks all handmade and one of a kind! If you feel that you deserve a great hook to express your creativity or know a serious crocheter, this might be a perfect gift!

Please introduce yourself….

My name is Janet Lohrman
(I prefer Jan please) I am a 52 year old retired nurse and I have a passion for making wooden crochet hooks.

Why crochet hooks and what woke up the passion to start making them?

Being retired I crochet a lot of the time. So one day I sat down and watched a bushman on you tube make one from a stick.
I immediately thought I can do that. So with the aid of my disabled partner, we went on a wood collecting frenzy. I only use Australian tree limbs that have fallen to the ground. That’s what I use, it could be gum tree or a white gum tree called a ghost gum and I have use Tasmanian Oak along with the traditional bottle brush tree.

How long does it take you to make one, and what material do you use?

On average once someone has placed an order and given me the size/s. I then begin to whittle a branch to the correct size as I also make the thicker handles for those with arthritis.


What sizes are you make and where can we purchase them?

The sizes that I can make as I don’t use any machinery at all are 5mm up to what ever size my client wishes. The smaller sizes are much harder due to the heads size being too hard to carve out with my utility knife. I have a hook sizing die and I double check them with vernier to be doubly accurate on sizing. From start to finish depending on the quantity of hooks per order and again sizing. In general one hook from start to finish to postage can take anywhere from 3 – 4 days.
This also depends if the want details carved into it or beads added to the ends. Pricing can also vary on thick and normal handles, carvings or beads.

Where can we find you on social media ?

I can be found on Facebook under my general page of Jan Lohrman. Or I can be pmed. I am pretty on the ball to check messages and look at Facebook many times through out the day.

Don;t they look amazing?

Let me know how you like them!



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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