LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring-Summer Menswear collection 2023

I am always happy to see that crochet, LACE, and knitting are not forgotten in the fashion world… After the Balenciaga scandal, we all need something bold and colorful, and fun, so take a look at these pieces!
The whole collection is visible Here! (97) Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 Show | LOUIS VUITTON – YouTube
I love this collection, it’s colorful and well made of course with a lot of love for detail and structure. 

The whole collection vibes very positive and the floral designs are simple, but with a lot of structure in a combination of traditional and Tunisian-style crochet. The collection celebrates not only a new era for LV but also for the late designer Abloh. Check his bio HERE!
The yellow brick runway and the colorful vibes, the flags, and the mood of this collection set a new milestone in the history of LV. What I love the most about it, you probably can guess is the handmade elements, embroidery, and crochet. But I also love the fact that in my opinion, all Gender can wear it! This collection tells you that everything is possible!
Enjoy the show! 
Let me know in the comment below, what your favorite piece is! 




2017…. Almost gone…..

2017…. Almost gone…..

2017, Almost gone….


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. If you celebrated I hope you had a fabulous time with your loved one and if not I hope you had a few relaxed days!

We had a light dinner, since it;s hot here in Australia, Seafood was the answer!

It was the time, where I did put my hook and needle away as well as the painting brushes. Time to chill!


I know I have not been posting new video lately, but here is the latest!







How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?

How is your Monday?


Monday, Monday….. It;s rainy here in Brisbane, and insanely hot!

I normally do not share my daily doings on Social media or even blog about…… So why not this time!?

Get the toddler ready, breakfast…. But first COFFEE!

It’s Christmas time,  and when you have a toddler in the house it;s all about Santa, Christmas trees and gifts, gifts and more gifts! Hmmmm!

So after a massive potty training time,  that can end up in singing, watching potty videos and funky conversation …. Does Santa see me on the toilet????? The toddler is ready to play! And Me, I am ready for another coffee!

Rushing to the post office to ship some orders out.. and yup it;s still raining!

It;s time to create a bit…. Baby sleeps and I am ready and have time to blog a bit.

But first let me get in the mood! My Scentsy Amazon Rain melting wax is on – Take me to the Amazon!

I am ready to roll!

Coming back from the post office I checked my mailbox and my secret Santa, left something for me! Exited like a little kid I open my gift. Yeah, yeah, I know it;s not Xmas, BUT hey it;s finally quite in the house and I have time for  myself! So let me be with the words of my toddler!

Let me tell you how the Secret Santa came along! I am part of a fabulous Group on FB. A fun groups where Graphic Designers come together, talk , discuss job related issues and share design ideas, etc…..and since Christmas is around the corner our Admin the fabulous Anna Dower created the Secret Santa gift exchange! Check her page out she is amazing!

So back to my lace embroidery project till it;s still peaceful!

How was your Monday?






Updates The Golden Project…

Updates The Golden Project…

My Golden Project… is still work in progress and it looks like finally it is talking a shape!
Creating embroidery flowers and metres and metres of Romanian Point Lace cord takes time, but it is quite rewarding to know that the Saree Blouse is shaping slowly.

For the Romanian Cord I am using silk viscose blend Mimosa Brand from Ice Yarn and it  has quite some body.

The floral elements
are not only all unique but have all different designs. 6tag_120616-071412

The embroidered flowers are a mix of different threads but both with the same composition a silk viscose blend. To have a good finish, on the floral design, is to crochet the back. WP_20160601_13_07_49_Pro

It is not only a great end result, it gives body and volume to the whole product. The Saree Blouse, is longer as the traditional Saree designs and it;s covering the stomach area.


The Saree Blouse is inspired by the traditional Mogul culture…. Deep purple and golden royal colours and cream.

If you are interested in some short video updates on the golden project, visit and subscribe to the YouTube Chanel

So stay tuned for more  to come….









Threads, threads, threads….

Threads, threads, threads….

In the world of crochet, knit, lace making, bobbin, Irish crochet, there is a lot to pick from when it comes to threads….

Do you have a favourite thread to work with? I sure do…. and I am pretty sure if you are a professional in the fibre world and you deal on a daily base with yarn and thread you have.

When it comes to cotton, I have to say that DMC is always first- it;s expensive but it does a fabulous job. Not only that it is great to work with but it keeps it;s shape and that is what you want, when it comes to Irish lace and Romanian Point Lace (RPL)  at least.

Now when we do not talk about cotton, I love to work with viscose. It its light, easy to crochet the cord with for the Romanian Lace and it has a nice luxurious finish. Here as well we have many brands to work with.

Today I want to introduce two of my favourite that I love to crochet with and to make lace.

WP_20160414_10_36_19_Pro These are both from Yarn- Paradise and one is from the brand ICE Yarns named MIMOSA and the other is also from ICE Yarns but called YarnArt TULIP

They are both Viscose Microfibre and differ just a little in price. Both are great to work with and give a pleasant finish to your projects.

MIMOSA  is slightly a bit more rigid, that means it;s great for lace projects that are meant to be as home decoration or for jewellery.

6tag_040416-130116 It has more body and can handle the  a 3D design. It is very flexible and stretchable.  WP_20160414_10_48_58_Rich

The YarnArt TULIP is also very great does a very good job, BUT is softer and your finger will thank you. Specially if you tent to have a very tight tension, when you crochet, knit or doing RPL.


You can feel the difference, once you touch the threads. The TULIP is very soft, great for knitting, crochet and I love to use it for embroidery.


If there is any thread you like to work with, feel free to let me know! Also tell me about your experience with these brands or other microfibre, viscose, cotton, etc…






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