My top ten – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

My top ten – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas




Valentine’s Day….

When it comes to Valentine’s Day my hubby and I step out…. simply not our thing….!Don;t get me wrong we do celebrate LOVE, but not on February 14th! We celebrate it every day.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Love so if you celebrate Valentine’s Day I have a funky top ten gifts and trust me it’s not ROSES!

So if you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife, etc…. here are my top suggestions!

3D Heart pattern…. 

Perfect to decorate, add to gift boxes or simply to enjoy!

Heart Scarf

Great to stay cozy and showing you are in love!

Heart Earrings

Be bold and unique with a touch of red! These are easy and fast to make!

The Love Nest

These are so cute, so you can make them as a gift all year around I guess!

Love Mug Cozy

Don;t you just love a cozy for your cup? Perfect warm hands and you can enjoy your coffee or tea! Make it !

Throw Pattern

Throw blankets are fabulous and this one is funky!

Heart Tote Kate Spade Inspiration

Ladies, I know we all love a tote bag so here is a gorgeous tutorial!

If you ever wanted to make your own soap, maybe this video is a great motivation and also it;s a fabulous gift idea!


Ah show your Love but don;t freeze! Want to try these?

Heart Shawl

Shawls are so IN, but I can;t even remember them going out of style! If you are into Lace Knitting, this might be  a great pattern for you!

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Valentine’s Gift Ideas!



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