Lion Yarn Brands T-shirt yarn basket – Great Home Decor

Lion Yarn Brands T-shirt yarn basket – Great Home Decor


T-shirt yarn basket Great Home Decor Basket 

Sometimes you simply need a cup of tea and one skein of T-shirt yarn and you are ready to crochet away!

This will be a gift basket for my mum. I purchased some yarn for her and want to presented in a nice way. So here we go three hours later.

I use for that Fast Track T-shirt yarn provided by Lion Brand Yarns – a fabulous brand that is in my Top ten threads and yarns !

Check it out if you have time.

Love the yarn. It;s flat, wide, the grey is divine and feels great on the skin. It will make a great basket.


And yes, you see write , my marker is a bobbin pin for the hair. Don;t laugh it;s easy to use not like the professional marker sometimes are hard to open. I am using a size 10mm crochet hook and if you hurry up so much to get it done in a few hours it;s better to tape your fingers! Blister alert!

And now I ma ready to go! Taped up no blister can build up! A few more rows to go and I am done! I am telling you this colour is divine! Lion Brand Yarns you rock!

The basket is 25 cm wide and 15 cm tall with a base of 15 x 15 cm in square. So one skein, makes a great size basket!


How long did it take you to make a basket?



Lorena and I


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