How to ship Yarn…..

How to ship Yarn…..

How to ship Yarn!

When it comes to shipping it;s never easy to pack yarn! It;s round, bulky, soft, and delicate! First all all you need to think that it has to  reach intact and that the receiver, still has fun opening that parcel! So be gentile, and be fun!

Make sure that you pack it with great care and do not damage the yarn. We all know it;s not easy and that the post office is not always handling every parcel with care. I have received sometimes parcels that looked like it came out of the dumpster!

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I like to wrap the yarn airtight in zipper bags or in cling wrap. That way the yarn stays protected and you can ship it better. I usually post my yarn in a secure envelope, a bubble envelope to bounce off any kind of weight that might be placed on top of the parcel.

Of course you can package also in a box. But I found out that placing the yarn in a box, it;s not very economical.


Congrats Lauren , enjoy the yarn and hope you love to crochet, or knit with  Bendigo Woollen Mills Winter is Coming! ( Sorry always wanted to say that -lol) so make something cozy with this great wool!



How do you ship your yarn?




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