Threads, threads, threads….

Threads, threads, threads….

In the world of crochet, knit, lace making, bobbin, Irish crochet, there is a lot to pick from when it comes to threads….

Do you have a favourite thread to work with? I sure do…. and I am pretty sure if you are a professional in the fibre world and you deal on a daily base with yarn and thread you have.

When it comes to cotton, I have to say that DMC is always first- it;s expensive but it does a fabulous job. Not only that it is great to work with but it keeps it;s shape and that is what you want, when it comes to Irish lace and Romanian Point Lace (RPL)  at least.

Now when we do not talk about cotton, I love to work with viscose. It its light, easy to crochet the cord with for the Romanian Lace and it has a nice luxurious finish. Here as well we have many brands to work with.

Today I want to introduce two of my favourite that I love to crochet with and to make lace.

WP_20160414_10_36_19_Pro These are both from Yarn- Paradise and one is from the brand ICE Yarns named MIMOSA and the other is also from ICE Yarns but called YarnArt TULIP

They are both Viscose Microfibre and differ just a little in price. Both are great to work with and give a pleasant finish to your projects.

MIMOSA  is slightly a bit more rigid, that means it;s great for lace projects that are meant to be as home decoration or for jewellery.

6tag_040416-130116 It has more body and can handle the  a 3D design. It is very flexible and stretchable.  WP_20160414_10_48_58_Rich

The YarnArt TULIP is also very great does a very good job, BUT is softer and your finger will thank you. Specially if you tent to have a very tight tension, when you crochet, knit or doing RPL.


You can feel the difference, once you touch the threads. The TULIP is very soft, great for knitting, crochet and I love to use it for embroidery.


If there is any thread you like to work with, feel free to let me know! Also tell me about your experience with these brands or other microfibre, viscose, cotton, etc…






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