Ay mi Cuba…. Cuba Libre Para Siempre

Ay mi Cuba…. Cuba Libre Para Siempre

Cuba, Cuba Libre, Para Siempre….

Since I can remember, Cuba was a place that I dream of, a constant source of inspiration, a place that makes me smile. I have never set foot on this gorgeous island and it;s a dream that I continue to dream….

It  made me so happy to hear that Cuba is free… as free as it can get. You wonder why I talk about Cuba on a lace making blog and an art blog…..

Let me tell you why!


Cuba is the inspiration for my next WIP fashion accessory collection ..so stay tuned and hopefully we can show you a little bit of Cuba here in Australia.

The pieces will be bold, colourful and inspired by the white ginger La Mariposa the national flower of Cuba!

And since it;s getting hot here Down Under, it;s time for a Mojito! Recipe here


Chao, ggod bye as a Cuban would say!






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