Makeup Challenge –  Cupcake Diva!

Makeup Challenge – Cupcake Diva!

Makeup Challenge – Cupcake Diva!


Hello this is Cupcake Diva, ready to find a new home! But wait this is not all!

Ink & Lace and Cupcake Diva has a Makeup Challenge for you!

Can you recreate the look and makeup of Cupcake Diva?

If you answered with YES, please send me a comment below with your details ( email) and a video or picture with your Cupcake Diva Look!



Please watch that video, subscribe to our Channel and recreate Cupcake Diva! If you are not great with makeup like me, ( LOL) and still want to own Cupcake Diva, please visit the shop and you can choose the perfect print size for you!

I will pick a winner that I introduce on my blog and on my you tube channel! You will receive a copy of Cupcake Diva!

I am exited to read your comments to see your makeup challenge and to see pics with your creations!

Good luck and have fun!




Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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