Maria of Romania and lace

Maria of Romania and lace

Romania has a strong connection to lace. Our beloved Queen Maria loved to wear it. One of her favourite dress was in fact a lace dress. Head to toe covered in a lace drmarie-of-romania-wearing-an_medess a square neckline and ribbons to complete the look. Lace was a product for royalty and it takes elegance and grace to actually wear it.

Lace making has changed over the years in Romania but it remained very traditional and it developed into a signature craft.

Today we know it as Romanian Point Lace. In Romania itself it is known as Macrameu. Nobody can identify with the English translation Romanian Point Lace.


Even the head piece, crown was inspired by a lace design. A delicate design that made history.




These days Romanian Point Lace is still very popular but you will not see it in many wardrobes….. Designers like to included on the catwalk and get inspired by the old designs.


My inspiration for the jewellery that I create are inspired by the traditional Romanian Point lace pieces, that have been used as home decorations. It was very popular in the 50 and 60s at one point. Today they make a comeback and I am happy to see it.

Growing up with this type of lace is opens your eye to the possibilities … stepping away from the traditional nude look and from the rigid shape….. I was             taking on the point lace.

I needed a splash of colour a splash of free form to take it to the next level…. After many ideas, styles and trials….. I found that to go bold, feminine and daring is the way to go!

Including clay elements in colour -red is not only a focus point of the jewellery but also an homage for the Romanian Point Lace. The polymer clay has a point lace print to finish the look.

The idea of traditional point lace is to keep it flat. My concept was to introduce layered lace elements and top them of with 3D ideas and embroidery. A free from abstract element that was so far unknown in the process of creating Romanian Point Lace.








This design will be shortly available to purchase. I usually make only one of a kind, that way I can keep my customers truly unique! You can pre -order this necklace and you can pick change the base ( beige/nude) of the statement piece – The red will stay!

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