Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

The Lion’s Gate is a special event that starts in July and ends in August. 

The special date for it it’s August 8th. It’s also a new Moon day and so even better it’s time to set new goals and set new intentions. The Lion’s Gate is a great portal for abundance and so to all my Leos, set intentions, new goals, and positivity! 

The Earth makes a special alignment with Sirus and so every great energy is connecting and aligns… So you see it’s truly special and you should take advantage of it! 

Check out my Instagram HERE to see what I did for the LIon’s Gate…. The Reel will show you how I created the grid and what crystals I used.  You still have time to create a grid and work with one special crystal! I used a carnelian flame.

Carnelian is great to use especially for this event. A flame represents fire and the Leo sign is a fire sign. I also used fluorite and tiger’s eye to manifest my goals. 

It’s a fantastic crystal to use because it brings, warm fire energy that lifts you up! 

I also used my gorgeous fluorite skull…the skull represents your roots, ancestors and so it’s just natural, with so high energy available to connect with your past and your true roots.

Since I do this with a lot of love, I used heart shape tiger’s eye crystals as well. 

Once I finished with the crystal picked for the Lion’s Gate, I started to build a crystal grid. 

You can see it in the Reel on Instagram! The grid has an egg-shaped Tiger’s eye crystal in the center and is surrounded by seven Merkaba stars. I used the seven Merkaba Chakra crystals for better alignments. 

My goal was to have a great start in the New Moon, I did Reiki on myself, align my Chakras, Cleansed myself using this time a coconut mango incent stick! 

You can get some funky stickers from a great store! The Sacred Willow  Trust me you will love the options. If you think you need Reiki, I focus only on Distance healing, so be aware if you book HERE . 

Also once you created the grid, take a moment. close your eyes and focus, on what you want to manifest! See it happening in front of your eyes and connect with it! 

What I did after, was the following! 

I pulled out all my favorite oracle decks and started to work with them! Try to connect with your Inner Child, ( funny enough I pulled this card, Inner child ) 

 Chakra Reading cards ( Inner Child- funny I pulled it actually! I also used The Secret language of Colours, Reiki Living and a crystal deck, moon deck, and of course something just for fun the Rebel deck! 

All the cards that I pulled resonated with me, on every level.! You should give it a go! 

Watch the REEL to see what cards I pulled! 

I know what you say… but cards, …. how can they improve my life?  They can if you are open-minded to it and give it a go. Focus on what they say, where it leads you to pull a card! Have trust! If you think you can’t pick a deck, stop by the store and get a meditation kit where a card deck will be picked for you! Trust me it will be just right for you! It will have exactly what you need when you need it! This is how the first deck found me! 

You can check a Zen DESK Meditation Kit HERE! There are only a few available so pick one as long as you can! 

Always look for what you need in life to make yourself feel better! Your energy is unique to you and it needs to flow freely. 

Let me know how you celebrated the Lion’s Gate! 







After the New Moon…

After the New Moon…

So what is exactly happening after the New Moon?

Yesterday was New Moon, today a day after the energy of the new moon is still very high, so basically if you miss out yesterday to manifest abundance or set intentions, goals, etc… There is still time today!


We are moving into the next phase Waxing Crescent with Capricorn going towards Aquarius.

But for those who missed out on making the Abundance grid, here is mine.

I am using, green aventurine, for luck, clear quartz as a master stone, citrine for abundance and happiness , and pyrite, for prosperity and protection.

Comment below about your New Moon experience and what you do after!

If you are not a fan of grids, this is what you can do! Place your crystals in a crystal water bottle. These bottles are great and available here on the website in the Reiki section. The bottles are limited so make sure to pick one! They will be all reiki Infused, cleansed and charged of course.


You can have a note under the stones or grid with your intentions, goals, etc…. Work towards your goals till the next lunar phase.

This crystal combo can even go into my crystal water bottle!

Have a great lunar phase!



Lace grids and so much more

Lace grids and so much more

Creating healing crystal grids is not only super fun but also very important to me, when working with clients. I always try to make sure that I address their needs, provide a sence of peace, security, originality and boost up the energy levels with the healing Reiki sessions.

Yesterday was an amazing evening with gorgeous energies. Thank you all for letting me tap into your energy.

With each session I align the Chakras as well and use heart shapes for it, just for the extra boost of love.

Every session starts with cleansing and a candle. It sets the mood, brings warmth and the himalayan salt holder sends out the best vibes ever.

Each clients gets a grid made that is unique and perfect for them. I am plugging cords that are not needed anymore or that stagnate energy.

The new moon energy healing sessions are fantastic for it! It’s all about a new start!



Ps :If you missed out on this reiki session, you can book a full moon Reiki healing session!


New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual

There are many rituals when it comes to the moon. She is an attraction point to us humans. The moon influences the oceans, running waters was and is guidance. I guess it will continue and carry on from our ancestors and culture to future generations. My culture was and still is in some parts fond of Bendis the Goddess of the moon. Artemis is her Greek equivalent as well as Selene, that’s where the Selenite name comes from.

So how can we get in touch and reconnect with the moon? Easy… You don’t have to have any past connections… Start simple by checking out the lunar phases… You can use apps for that depending on what hemisphere you are located. Living in Australia, I am naturally using the Southern hemisphere lunar calendar. These apps are great because they are easy to use, access and everything is visible on one screen.

Simply look up moon Phase apps, or lunar apps. I use Daily moon phases, or moon shase app on Android. The new moon in on the 17th September!

Now that this is sorted, I will share with you my New Moon ritual… Don’t think it’s complicated, once you do it I am sure you will love it!

A few days before the New Moon, you should think about some goals, set some intentions. For example, you could try to clean up, organize a room, sort out your make up, or even bigger goals like getting the dream job you always wanted, buy the car, you were thinking about… ANYTHING really!

Once you set your intentions, sage your space, your apartment, house, office…. Take a bath, listen to some meditation music. If you have crystals, cleanse them with sage or selenite. And last make Moon water! Yes, moon water. Now that’s not only easy to make but fun!

In a jar place water, set it in the window or outside, and place crystals around the jar and on top of the jar. Moon water is any water that has absorbs the energy of the moon. Please don’t use plastic, glass is best. The new moon represent always a fresh start. Fill your mind with positive vibes and kind words. You are now ready to set your intentions. So your intentions for the moon water could be love. The moon has feminine energy, that’s why all the moon divinities are goddesses, like Diana(Roman), Artemis(Greek), Bendis(Romania), Chandra (India), Mani ( Vikings), Coyolxauhqui -means golden bells (Aztec ), etc…

If you want to find more out about the Story of SELENE, please click HERE.

Back to the moon water... What can I actually do with it!!!??? Well, quite a bit! I use mine for my plants. A drop here and there makes wonders for them! I also simply drink it or add it to my tea! Since we are over 60% made out of the water and the moon influences the water, tides, it can influence us, so why not take advantage of the energy of the moon?

If you want me to write a specific post only on moon water, please let me know…There is way more to talk about…

And the last part of the New Moon ritual is to show Gratitude! Yes, simply gratitude, give back, say thank you, count your blessings, and be positive!

To enhance and take advantage of the New Moon energy I do all my Reiki session on the New Moon, you can book HERE and on the Full Moon HERE.





Reading Allende books is one of my favorite free-time activities… Isabel Allende captured my attention since I was reading Of Love and Shadows a book about Chile and it’s political crimes and power in all social areas entangled ( Sorry Will Smith!…. you get it if you have seen Red Table talk lol!)  with a love story.

Who is your favorite author and why?

I like her books because they are amazing in both Spanish and English! She made me start reading in Spanish actually and so I was curious about the movies as well… I am sure we are all familiar with the famous movie The House of the Spirits

If not watch the Trailer below, you right like it!

Since I have little time to read but enjoy it a lot… I read while waiting for my little one, on pick up duty from school. It;s only 15 min but great 15 min to send!

How do you squeeze in reading time?




PS: Since it’s New Moon tonight and a special Rare Black New Moon, I offer a special NEW MOON Distance REIKI Session

Book  HERE



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