Today marks a special day on the southern hemisphere. It’s Ostara day, an ancient event with germanic roots.  Ostara welcomes Spring in our lives. She is the goddess of Spring.

I love this season, a it’s always celebrated with so much joy. Its really simple if you want to do it as well!

Turn to the sun and say thank you for the warmth, the energy and the life it provides.

Ground yourself by walking in grass, give blessings to the soil by watering your garden or plant seeds and let them grow, revive the earth.

In Germany large fire bonds are created along with trees fully decorated with eggs. The egg is the symbol of fertility and spring, and it is also Ostaras symbols. In almost every tarot deck you will find Ostara holding a bunny or bunnies with eggs.

Ostaras tree is the Birch. Use a candle with that smell to waken up the senses. Smudge yourself, your space and crystals. Take a flower bath and create a grid.

This is how you welcome Ostara in your life. If you use healing crystals during this time, make sure to use the right one, like Tiger’s eye, Carnelian, Rhodoronsite, Apatite, Green aventurine, rose quartz, clear quartz of course and thd sunstone.

If you celebrate Ostara, let me know with a comment below!









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