My Paleo Bread…..

My Paleo Bread…..

Bread is my favourite in the world…. I am Eastern European and to us bread is life… we eat it with almost everything…

A few years ago I made a very important decision to start eating the Paleo way…. Well there was only one thing that did not work with me so well… the BREAD situation….

I needed to find a recipe that works for me! After 2 years of trying e voila here is my bread recipe!


Now there are many recipes out there and I tried many, many and nothing really worked for me…. so I had to create my own.

What you need….

I use at least 6 EGGS  a pinch of salt , a tablespoon of baking powderone cup of tapioca flourone cup of milk ( always full cream ) , two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar four cups of almond meal  and one tablespoon of lard. 

If you want to replace the lard, you can use coconut oil, or chicken fat. Please do me a favour and stop adding OLIVE OIL – YOU WILL RUIN THE BREAD! 

Mix it well and when it all comes together, pour the dough  in a greased pan and back it till it’s golden brown. 

I always use backing paper as well. It;s easy and fast!

Try the recipe and let me know how it worked for you! Share it on my social media I would love to see your Paleo Bread!



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