Introducing Beverley’s Delight  by Lyn Coultas

Introducing Beverley’s Delight by Lyn Coultas

Introducing Beverley’s Delight …..


Beverley’s Delight, this is a first for me as well. I never purchased a pattern for a doily since I focus on lace pattern, but this one was catching my eye and I love it. Please check out Beverley’s Delight

This pattern is funky, new, and such a delight like it said! Every time I try or want to work on a pattern I deal with picking out thread! AHhhhhhhh…. What about you? But enough of my threads hoarding issue, let’s get back to Lyn Coultas and her funky design.

If you like crochet groups and like to follow Lyn’s Designs she has a Facebook Group here.



Please introduce yourself?

My name is Lyn Coultas. I live in Queensland, Australia, with my wonderful husband, David and 2 of my 3 children – my eldest son is at University. I’m 45yrs old. I work with my husband as a Handyman. I really enjoy the variety of jobs from one day to the next, and I’m always learning something new. I started crocheting 20+ yrs ago. I learned to crochet using books from my local library. I used to only crochet in Winter, learning something new each year. About 4 yrs ago, Winter ended and I haven’t stopped crocheting since ?. I started out making scarves and hats, then moved on to amigurumi and flowers, and then I started crocheting baby items (booties, hats, headbands and dresses).

 How did you start to design doilies?

My wonderful friend Paul, introduced me to Grace Fearon’s designs. I immediately fell in love with textured doilies! At some point, he suggested I design my own doilies and so, “Beverley’s Delight” was born lol. I really enjoyed the process and the result.

Where can we find you on social media?

I have a facebook group, “Purple Crochet Designs” that folks can join if they have any questions about my patterns, or want share their photos of my designs that they’ve made, and to “get the scoop” on my upcoming designs. I love to see the different colours and combinations others use when making my designs ?

 What can you tell us about your next project/design?

My newest design, “Oh My Stars” is nearing the end of being tested (thank you my fabulous testers!), and will be published shortly.

 Would you consider designing something else or will doilies be your domain?

I honestly don’t know. For now, I love using thread and designing doilies, but who knows what the future will bring?

Well ladies,  I am looking forward to see the next design, Oh My Stars…….




Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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