Yup Guilty….. Thread hoarder

Yup Guilty….. Thread hoarder

Yup, GUILTY….  

When your job title is fashion designer, and you are surrounded all day with fabrics, threads, yarns, etc….. it can go in two directions…. One you do not touch it at home and stay away, OR   you go crazy and crave a passion for it.

Well I am in the second category…. I started to build a passion for threads and not any thread and yarn…. no it had to be the best quality, the finest on the market…..

If my desk looks like that , can you image how my STASH looks like? NO, I will not show you that! I’m not crazy!

I started to dig into thread brands trying to find out who has the best quality and try to purchase it… Cotton, linen, silk, etc…. was not always enough, I started to experiment with Banana Yarn, with Milk thread , etc….

But that said, my first passion never died out… Cotton and Silk!

PS: Soon I will we writing about my top ten yarn brands so stay tuned to that ! 

I create a lot of Romanian Point Lace, I believe you know by now! LOL

Here as well I like to experiment with different brands like steel thread, silk, etc…..

Loving thread so much, I like to share with you some of the threads that I use. I decided to include in the shop threads, the basic thread supplies, materia prima to create Romanian Point Lace

So all the threads that you see there available, are all the products I use myself, to create my pieces, from Jewellery to fashion and I use them for all my teaching, workshops and online lessons

So feel free to check the SHOP  out!



PS: Are you a thread hoarder?


Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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