Beltane and Romanian Point Lace

Beltane and Romanian Point Lace


Yes, Beltane, does it ring a bell? Maybe vague or not at all so let me tell you how I know Beltane. It;s a wonderful celebration that is happening on May 1st. It;s just getting cozy warm outside, everybody has his best clothes on ( traditional Trachten – folk costumes – hand made clothes and floral crowns)

There is dance and music and wonderful food and a lot of fun. celebration new beginning and prosper mother nature. It is also known as Kronenfest.
So welcome May and have a happy Beltane! We dress the tables with Romanian Lace and wear the collars in Romanian Point Lace and carry on traditional styles.

What I do specific on this day….. Well, meditate, wear a traditional blouse in my case the Romanian Blouse. I place fresh flowers in the house and now that I have a little one I make her a flower crown.

You can add herbs and all the flowers you like. Enjoy this day and have fun… If the weather is great it;s even better. Even if you cant do it all, your intention is what counts.

Ribbons and wreaths are created – the vibes are wonderful. But an easy thing to do is a May Spring Pole Planter. I still work on one but this is what I found on Pinterest!


I hope you have a great day! If you want to make your own Maypole, check this link out HERE!









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