It’s V Day again

It’s V Day again

Oh Valentine’s Day…. 

Here you are again and again millions of boyfriends and husbands rush and fight through stores paying insane amounts to make the loved one happy.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, or not, you are in the middle of it if you like it or not. Stores call you, to buy perfumes, chocolate and gifts one more special than the other!

I have here my five top gifts on the budget! Are you ready?

1- Flowers!, Yup; you heard me! They are always great and if a bunch does not suit you how about a flower in a pot? Click here to find a great one and it;s in the budget!
This Flamingo Flower is great! It last long, it;s red, and its fun!

2- Chocolate! Get the favourite chocolate brand of your loved one and call it a day! Your gift is a classic! You can;t go wrong with chocolate!

3- A nice PRINT! if you like this one, click HERE to get it. It;s a PDF so you can reprint as much as you like. It;s fun and sassy!

4- MASSAGE Yes, you hear me right! treat your loved one with a massage. Now I know, do not roll your eyes it cost more than $10 but this is something you can do for the one you love, yourself =$0 just your time!

5-Spend a day together! It does not cost much to drive out and sit together watching the sun goes down!

Now you know my top 5 gifts on the budget, coz I;m a SUCCA for you! More info on this print HERE!




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