This Listing is for one TEA infuser Crystal water bottle

It;s a stainless steel water bottle with double wall. The tea infuser can be taken away from the bottle and used separate as well!

Crystals : Rose quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine mixted with Citrine  , Clear Quartz.

All healing stones are cleansed and Reiki infused.

Rose Quartz – love and freindship (1left)

Clear Quartz- Master healer ( 1 left)

Amethyst – opens the Third Eye (1left)

Green Aventurine and citrine – Luck /Prosperity Wealth ( last one)

Each bottle comes with a black protective sleeve and in a box.


Please leave a message with your purchase of what crystal bottle you would like!

Reiki is great and with that said if you have not tried it yet. If you are not familiar with Reiki please find out more HERE. I practice Usui Reiki and have a Master Certificate for it. I also hold a certificate for Advance crystal healing.

Enjoy your bottle!


The sale of the bottle comes with a FREE Distance Reiki healing sessions (20min)

0nce you pick the bottle, please let me know what I should address the most in your Healing session, hapiness, taking stress away, relaxation, etc…

Thank you!

Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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