Get creative with an Art Journal….

Get creative with an Art Journal….

Every Year brings new exiting things to live… this year Ink & Lace will introduce a new category -De-stressing Art Workshops….

Let me tell you how it all happen…. In July last year I started to do some online classes with that was teaching me to work with the brain and Neurokineses… In the meanwhile, I did an Art Therapy workshop ( Memo to myself: I still need to frame the diploma!) that changed me a lot, only for the good.

It connected me with my art roots, and reminded me of my Art University years, where I was thought, about colours, and the effect of colours on us, our mind and brain.

I started to put together workshops that will be available soon on the website. The first workshop is about creating and Art Journal. 

When creating an Art Journal, you will get in touch, with yourself, you learn to relax your mind and brain. An Art Journal, is great for self-discovery and encourages your emotional growth.


I am looking forward to get in touch with you in my workshops! So if you feel de-stress or want to start and art journal and document your creative journey, get in touch!






Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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