LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring-Summer Menswear collection 2023

I am always happy to see that crochet, LACE, and knitting are not forgotten in the fashion world… After the Balenciaga scandal, we all need something bold and colorful, and fun, so take a look at these pieces!
The whole collection is visible Here! (97) Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 Show | LOUIS VUITTON – YouTube
I love this collection, it’s colorful and well made of course with a lot of love for detail and structure. 

The whole collection vibes very positive and the floral designs are simple, but with a lot of structure in a combination of traditional and Tunisian-style crochet. The collection celebrates not only a new era for LV but also for the late designer Abloh. Check his bio HERE!
The yellow brick runway and the colorful vibes, the flags, and the mood of this collection set a new milestone in the history of LV. What I love the most about it, you probably can guess is the handmade elements, embroidery, and crochet. But I also love the fact that in my opinion, all Gender can wear it! This collection tells you that everything is possible!
Enjoy the show! 
Let me know in the comment below, what your favorite piece is! 




A happy 2021

A happy 2021

This year will be good. This will be my Motto, my thinking, my Mantra…. I will not even mention you know what year!

And with New beginnings in mind, I want to share with you some inspirational images, items, that make us smile, gaze and wonder…

Here is a painters pallete from Egypt….. Or an agate portrait from the 18th century, or Galileos Moon drawings….

Paint pallette Egypt

Imagine the vibrant colours back in time….

Look at the exquisite look of the sculpture… That must be love!

Also his drawings are fabulous!

Galileo moon

And if this armour does not remind you of lace….. I don’t know what does!


I hope your 2021 started fantastic! Remember to always smile!




2021 Diary

2021 Diary

 I know 2020 is pretty much a lost game…. Most of us regret even purchasing a diary, right?  Oh well, try to find a few positive things about 2020. Here are my top 5 of 2020

  • My son was born!
  • Make use of this time to reflect on yourself and focus on all your blessings
  • Clean and organize your space, you do have time!
  • Find a new hobby!
  • Truly reconnect with family, life is more than dinner time together.

I know it’s hard and I have been going through it… Financial struggle, fear of the future, etc….

I bet you never in a million years, thought about pandemic or believing that your generation is the one to live it, but here it is… Now we have to deal with it!

I find it always exciting to buy a planner, diary, etc…. You? I look in stores, and online and debate what would be best… I found my ideal type of diary, journal, planner, notebook, etc…

It has to be moon-related, showing lunar phases in detail… So for 2020, I picked in 2019 the Moonology Diary 2020 by Yasmin Boland.

The structure of the diary is great. Very informative, great for people who are interested in a simple structure, lunar phases, zodiacs, etc…

This diary is also very helpful for positive thinking. It has questions to ask and makes you go deep inside yourself.

I will not show you my private thoughts but will share with the images above a look inside the diary. I find it very annoying when I need to purchase something online and I can’t see the details.

With this said, have you found your diary for 2021? I am still looking but for sure it will be a moon, lunar related diary, journal. Since it’s difficult these days to shop in stores, I can show you a few links where I purchase my diaries, This is not a paid blog post, this is where I purchase for personal use! Check out Booktopia planners’ diary. or Fishpond Diary 2021,

Now if you want the next Moonology 2021 by Yasmin Boland, I will get mine from HERE like last time.

XO 👍





And it all started with her… the founder and genius of CHANEL, COCO CHANEL. After her, for decades KARL…. Like Chanel, as she was known as COCO, he was simply called KARL. Two unique and original people who truly changed the world and left us amazed and happy.

Now the Karl Otto Lagerfeld, passed, all we have left are his creations, that were so unique, controversial, like his runway shows and of course his quotes…. It got to a point where a new word was invented to describe his style , and opinions- KARLISM!

Yes, google it, and it will come up! I always admired his fashion and personal style. A true artist, that influenced my opinion in art and fashion of course. HIs style was even an excuse not to clean up my desk as a kid.

He had a lot to say, a man who kept for himself, in a world of art, books, and photography. I never illustrated or sketched his fashion, because simply I believed I was not worthy of this, simply because he did a fantastic job in sketch and product. But with that said I was a huge fan of his designs. He dived deep into the world of each collection he was inspired by and needed total privacy and solitude to create. 


I always illustrated CHANEL perfumes and accessories…. It was and is my homage not only for COCO but also for KARL.

But now what comes next for the house of CHANEL? The new creative director is the Right Hand of the Maestro Virginie Viard. Click HERE to find more out about her! If she was the right hand I think we can only smile to what Chanel will have to offer in the near future! I am looking forward to see the next Chanel collection and so should you!




PS: Stay humble, charge your crystals and smile.  Also to honor KARL, check out the ETSY SHOP and get in touch for custom orders…. Prints related to Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld….



It’s V Day again

It’s V Day again

Oh Valentine’s Day…. 

Here you are again and again millions of boyfriends and husbands rush and fight through stores paying insane amounts to make the loved one happy.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, or not, you are in the middle of it if you like it or not. Stores call you, to buy perfumes, chocolate and gifts one more special than the other!

I have here my five top gifts on the budget! Are you ready?

1- Flowers!, Yup; you heard me! They are always great and if a bunch does not suit you how about a flower in a pot? Click here to find a great one and it;s in the budget!
This Flamingo Flower is great! It last long, it;s red, and its fun!

2- Chocolate! Get the favourite chocolate brand of your loved one and call it a day! Your gift is a classic! You can;t go wrong with chocolate!

3- A nice PRINT! if you like this one, click HERE to get it. It;s a PDF so you can reprint as much as you like. It;s fun and sassy!

4- MASSAGE Yes, you hear me right! treat your loved one with a massage. Now I know, do not roll your eyes it cost more than $10 but this is something you can do for the one you love, yourself =$0 just your time!

5-Spend a day together! It does not cost much to drive out and sit together watching the sun goes down!

Now you know my top 5 gifts on the budget, coz I;m a SUCCA for you! More info on this print HERE!




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Hello Gorgeous! 

First of all, I wish you a wonderful last day of 2018! With that in mind I get this out of my mind! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Now I want to THANK YOU , all for a massive year! 2018 has been good, bad, a mix of all emotions, of ups and downs of love and discoveries, of learning, of hope and joy! 

I hope you guys celebrate the year, and what is yet to come!  

This is what you can aspect for INK & LACE for 2019!

More workshops -starting in March with this one- click HERE!

More positive thinking, finding yourself with journals and ART

I am thinking to reopen the Secret FB Group page about RPL- so if this is something you are interested in, please get in touch and comment below! Feedback is much appreciated!

I am also considering getting more in touch with colours and art- Let me know if this is something you might want as well!

With this said, I wish you only good vibes!





Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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