Not much of a makeup girl….But!

Not much of a makeup girl….But!


noun: makeup
  1. 1.
    cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance.
    “she came downstairs, her face still white under her heavy make-up,
    I admit, I do not use makeup a lot, and if I do it’s minimal. But I think I found my brand. I discovered this Australian Brand while shopping for a Christmas gift.
    Yup, that simple!
    And now I am hooked on… So my 2017 started well, by finding my perfect shade of lipstick! It;s called “birthday suit” #14…
    If you have a Big W around, check it out and see for yourself!
    Classic red is basically what I like to use for my lips and nails, so I found the perfect shade of red in Boe Professional… for my nails and the perfect shade of nude for my lips…. Quality is great for a fantastic price $2! Yes, it;s true, $2!
  2. So talk to me, what about you? Did you find your shades for 2017?



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By the way the lipstick print is for sale in the shop if you are interested, or know a fashionista, that is in love with beauty products and needs a room makeover! ūüôā


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