A Romanian Point Lace Easter ….

A Romanian Point Lace Easter ….

It’s again Easter and time is flying when you have a little one. I did not do much this time just a few traditional coloured eggs in onion shells and red berry tea.

My egg design is more abstract. I was getting bored with simple colours and wanted an eye catcher on the table.




I love the reddish terracotta colour blend and the shine of the egg.  I feel that if you do want to colour eggs, keep it natural. And by that I mean use natural dying techniques and products from nature like onion shells, beetroot, teas, etc….

I embellished the eggs with grass, leaves, thread, romanian point lace pieces and wrapped it in a sheer stocking. Letting it boil for quite some time adding simple vinegar to make the colour stick.


Once it;s boiled I let it cool in its warp and cut the eggs out of it;s wrapping. Taking carefully all the elements away from it, place the eggs in a bowl and make them shine with lard. Keep it authentic!

How are you celebrating Easter?



We at Ink & Lace wish you a fabulous lacy Happy Easter!





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