Growth 2022

Growth 2022

With 2022 ending in a few days, I want to wish you a Happy New Year of course!  May 2023 be better, happier, healthier, and prosperous! 

Now that another year ends, have you ever thought about how it should be easier and better for you energetically? Do you know, that if your energy is better, your mental state is better as well as your physical state? On every level, you need to try to reach a better level. 

By the way, the image above is energetic art by William Wright! I am sure that you like that image as much as I do. I use most of his art when I go into a meditative state for conducting Distance Reiki, 

If you like his art check it out HERE

Back to growth!

Here are my Top five steps to grow energetically! I am not saying to follow, exactly what I do, but try to find your own ways, once you have an idea! Here we go! 

  • find time to read 
  • meditate and connect with crystals 
  • a short walk or stretching exercises 
  • to avoid stress ( I know easy to talk- give it a go!) 
  • eat right for your body! 

It would be great if you can let me know how you boost your growth! 

Also, make sure that you do not compare your journey with others! You don’t know what they went through and vice versa! 


And it’s published….

And it’s published….


When you find your magazine…..

Have you heard of Artwear Publications? If you are in the industry in Australia probably and if you crochet, LACE, knit, and felt I’m sure you not only know it but read it or are subscribed.

I got the opportunity to be in the magazine and introduce Ink N Lace Designs as a brand with a focus on Romanian Lace.

So here is what I’m talking about, click HERE- Artwear Publications | Australia’s own well-respected craft and lifestyle magazines


We are introduced in the blog post for Christmas Artwear Publications | Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022 






The right tools

The right tools


When it comes to doing any type of craftsmanship, no matter if it’s art, sewing, crochet, knitting, point lace of course and so much more…If I forgot your craft, please comment below what you are doing! Thanks for sharing.

It is very important, that you start with the top quality tools. If you ask yourself how to even start… It’s all about trying products outs. So, if you sew, good-quality needles are a must….. You get my point!

But let’s talk about Point Lace…… The tools that you need to start point lace are simple!

A good quality fabric, like plain light color cotton or calico. I prefer calico, due to the fact that it’s stronger and more durable… Another important tool is good carbon paper, so you can apply your print pattern to the fabric and start the pattern going, etc…

So let’s create a simple basic list! 

  • fabric ( plain cotton/linen no design )
  • plain white vinegar /hot water
  • two good quality crochet hooks. ( one hook to create lace cord and one hook to create bullions!) Brands: Tulip/ Clover, fine lace, JMRA, VIntage hooks!
  • embroidery hoop optional!
  • carbon paper ( blue or black) tracing pen and paper.
  • sewing needle and tapestry  needle ( sizes: 24/26/28…)
  • good quality thread (cotton/organic) Brands: Romanofir, Anchor, etc…
  • embroidery scissors ( flat pointy or slightly curved up)
  • sewing thread in contrast to the cord color
  • iron to dry the pattern quickly
  • A lot of LOVE for Lace!

Now, that you have a little list ready, it’s time to start a lace piece!

Are you ready?




Halloween Energy

Halloween Energy

Halloween almost

Are you ready to point lace decor for Halloween? I have been creating for a while ago Halloween patterns.

My little girl is Halloween crazy and so every year, we try something fun out. From crazy costumes to accessories and home decor.

This year she will be Wednesdays from the Addams Family…and so we play with collars and hangman’s ropes….But the classic ghost is still a must, so here is a pattern available.

I remember when she picked the color combo…. an exciting time, coz she got to help out. I did a classic design First and then we went wild…

What do you prefer? Truly, I can’t make up my mind…

Also when it comes to Halloween, I like to add leaves, and here is one motive that turned out ok. To make it more interesting, I created a combo of crochet and Romanian Lace.

You can find the pattern in the store or on Etsy store HERE. Let me know, what would you like to create, a ghost or a leaf.

Also if you like to be updated with specific news from us, you can pick between Romanian Lace, Art or Reiki. Check out Bottom of page! 




Your energy needs protection..

Your energy needs protection..

Have you ever thought about that your energy can block you or uplift you? There is more to us than waking up, having a coffee and get on with our routine….

Breathing deeply and being concious of who we are is essential to our lives and being.

There are little steps that you can take to make it easier, like take a few minutes every morning to reflect, to do breathing exercises and grounding.  Show gratitude with a journal. It can be as simple as saying thank you for what you have. It could become your morning ritual.

Work on each Chakra at one time…. Connecting with yourself is a must. If you don’t self-care, who will?

Here is a simple exercise… Give it a go!

You see the image above? It’s the Romanian Sfinx (similar to the Egyptian) this is my to go image when I need peace and quite, or time for me to ground myself or reflet, rethink, etc….

I close my eyes and I’m there. PICK YOUR PERFECT PLACE!

Once there sit down and simply relax and enjoy the moment.  Focus on yourself and simply breathe.Add music if that helps and sit still just enjoying the moment you are in.

Start with a few minutes per day and see how you go. You can hold a crystal or simply a selenite piece. I prefer a selenite Wand. If I use a crystal pick what you have or your favourite.

I use the crystal that is needed at the right time. You see after a few minute, all looks great again. You feel refreshed!

Example: if I focus on the Crown Chakra (head), I use a clear quartz. If I work on the 3rd eye, I  use an Amethyst, etc….


You what you have or find a trusted crystal store. If you need any help with finding one, get in touch!

I do have crystals for sale but only for those who I conduct Distance Reiki sessions for. The reason for is simple, I reiki infuse them to specific needs.

Another thi g you can do and it can be a great habit before or after meditation (me time) is to drink crystal infuse water. This is so simple and satisfying. Pick a crystal place it in your tea Infused crystal bottle and enjoy the moon power.

If you need a bottle, simply get in touch. The bottles are custom Infused. Mine is a clear quartz and citrine combo, for focus and happiness with a touch of abundance.

So you see, by taking care of yourself and your energy you can protect yourself.

Tomorrow is 🌕 moon, the perfect time to let go of everything that does not suit your needs anymore. If you need more help letting go or want help getting your energy flowing free again book a Reiki session. I focus only on distance reiki, but you can try in person as well.


Let me know what your magical place is, now you know mine!



Lorena 🌺




Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

Lion’s Gate Manifest what you want

The Lion’s Gate is a special event that starts in July and ends in August. 

The special date for it it’s August 8th. It’s also a new Moon day and so even better it’s time to set new goals and set new intentions. The Lion’s Gate is a great portal for abundance and so to all my Leos, set intentions, new goals, and positivity! 

The Earth makes a special alignment with Sirus and so every great energy is connecting and aligns… So you see it’s truly special and you should take advantage of it! 

Check out my Instagram HERE to see what I did for the LIon’s Gate…. The Reel will show you how I created the grid and what crystals I used.  You still have time to create a grid and work with one special crystal! I used a carnelian flame.

Carnelian is great to use especially for this event. A flame represents fire and the Leo sign is a fire sign. I also used fluorite and tiger’s eye to manifest my goals. 

It’s a fantastic crystal to use because it brings, warm fire energy that lifts you up! 

I also used my gorgeous fluorite skull…the skull represents your roots, ancestors and so it’s just natural, with so high energy available to connect with your past and your true roots.

Since I do this with a lot of love, I used heart shape tiger’s eye crystals as well. 

Once I finished with the crystal picked for the Lion’s Gate, I started to build a crystal grid. 

You can see it in the Reel on Instagram! The grid has an egg-shaped Tiger’s eye crystal in the center and is surrounded by seven Merkaba stars. I used the seven Merkaba Chakra crystals for better alignments. 

My goal was to have a great start in the New Moon, I did Reiki on myself, align my Chakras, Cleansed myself using this time a coconut mango incent stick! 

You can get some funky stickers from a great store! The Sacred Willow  Trust me you will love the options. If you think you need Reiki, I focus only on Distance healing, so be aware if you book HERE . 

Also once you created the grid, take a moment. close your eyes and focus, on what you want to manifest! See it happening in front of your eyes and connect with it! 

What I did after, was the following! 

I pulled out all my favorite oracle decks and started to work with them! Try to connect with your Inner Child, ( funny enough I pulled this card, Inner child ) 

 Chakra Reading cards ( Inner Child- funny I pulled it actually! I also used The Secret language of Colours, Reiki Living and a crystal deck, moon deck, and of course something just for fun the Rebel deck! 

All the cards that I pulled resonated with me, on every level.! You should give it a go! 

Watch the REEL to see what cards I pulled! 

I know what you say… but cards, …. how can they improve my life?  They can if you are open-minded to it and give it a go. Focus on what they say, where it leads you to pull a card! Have trust! If you think you can’t pick a deck, stop by the store and get a meditation kit where a card deck will be picked for you! Trust me it will be just right for you! It will have exactly what you need when you need it! This is how the first deck found me! 

You can check a Zen DESK Meditation Kit HERE! There are only a few available so pick one as long as you can! 

Always look for what you need in life to make yourself feel better! Your energy is unique to you and it needs to flow freely. 

Let me know how you celebrated the Lion’s Gate! 







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