The Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon

Soon is another gorgeous full moon 🎑 are you ready for her energy? The full moon in October is also known as the Hunter’s Moon. In Eastern Europe its known as the Blood Moon.

The main reason for that is the hunting season and food storing period that need to be done before the winter arrives. The hunting season is one of the biggest events in fall after the harvest moon in September.
The main crystals to use during a full moon are selenite of course, moonstone labradorite and opal. Let’s not forget amethyst and normally for the protection on the hunt, hunter’s would carry shungite, clear quartz or black tourmaline with them on the hunt. Other crystals they carried were carnelian, bloodstone and aquamarine.

They are a great support system for endurance and bravery, courage and power.

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Full moon is on 2nd October in the Southern Hemisphere and 1st October in the Northern Hemisphere.

So please get in touch book à healing session and practice gratitude, release negative thoughts and forgive. Let go of everything that does not do you good. Channel your energy, your thoughts carefully, this full moon is in Aries.the energy level is high.


XO 🎑🌝


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