After the New Moon…

After the New Moon…

So what is exactly happening after the New Moon?

Yesterday was New Moon, today a day after the energy of the new moon is still very high, so basically if you miss out yesterday to manifest abundance or set intentions, goals, etc… There is still time today!


We are moving into the next phase Waxing Crescent with Capricorn going towards Aquarius.

But for those who missed out on making the Abundance grid, here is mine.

I am using, green aventurine, for luck, clear quartz as a master stone, citrine for abundance and happiness , and pyrite, for prosperity and protection.

Comment below about your New Moon experience and what you do after!

If you are not a fan of grids, this is what you can do! Place your crystals in a crystal water bottle. These bottles are great and available here on the website in the Reiki section. The bottles are limited so make sure to pick one! They will be all reiki Infused, cleansed and charged of course.


You can have a note under the stones or grid with your intentions, goals, etc…. Work towards your goals till the next lunar phase.

This crystal combo can even go into my crystal water bottle!

Have a great lunar phase!



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