Ink & Lace cooking …. Placinta cu varza

Ink & Lace cooking …. Placinta cu varza

I would like to share with one of my passions… cooking! I love to cook specially Romanian Food. Since I am far from home, cooking traditional dishes keeps me in touch with my roots and traditions.

So,  today I would like to show you all how I do my placinta cu varza recipe. Placinta means pie and varza means cabbage.

If you are vegetarian this might be a great dish for you. If you are a meat eater like me, you can add meat as well.

Let’s start!


White cabbage chopped fine as well as one onion chopped fine and one clove of garlic.

Place one Tbsp butter in a hot pan and add salt pepper. Add garlic and onion. Let it fry well till it;s golden brown.

Add the chopped cabbage and let it cook -stir on and off.

After the cabbage is cooked/fried and it;s a bit golden brown transfer it from the hot pan into a bowl and set aside.

If you have a non stick pan wipe it clean. placinta-de-varza


Place two cups of flour in a bowl add, a touch of salt, sourdough if you have,  a bit of butter or oil. PLEASE don;t use Olive oil – it will make the dough BITTER!

Mix it well and add also baking powder.

Set aside and dust your hands with flour or add a bit of oil to your hands.

Separate the dough into golf size balls and stretch them out into a circle or oval. In the middle of the dough place one Tbsp of the cabbage mix. Fold the dough on top of it and roll it back into a ball. Set aside and do all!


Pick up the first ball you shaped and roll it out again. Dust the ball with flour again so it does not stick to the surface. I use backing paper to roll it out. It;s easy to clean up and great to roll on it!

( If you don;t want to make the dough use can use also pizza dough recipe.)

While your pan is still on the stove you can add a bit of butter or lard again to the pan and place your first placinta in it. 3 min on each side on medium heat.


You will fall in love with the smell! Divine! I place them on a paper towel and on a kitchen towel as well. After I have made them all, I place them in a bowl and cover it with a kitchen towel.



E voila!


Let me know if you tried it!



Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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