New York calling

New York calling


I hope you all are doing great and life treats you well. I have been super busy on so many different levels and I find that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all sorted… If you are a mum, you know what I am saying!

I know my last blog post was in July and since then a lot has happened.

We are now mid-November and time is flying. Being a mum the kids come first before any business. So lace making comes in the second spot atm… With that said I want to share with you all what I have been working on in the last months.

I have been invited to take part in a gorgeous exhibition in New York, created by Let’s Curate. Find out more about them HERE and check out the amazing store FLYING SOLO

The designs above are in the Oceania section of the website!

Right now you can check out the exhibition right HERE Opulent Handmade Treasures

Please check out all the other jewelry artists taking part in it! They are very interesting and unique.

At the moment, while the exhibition is ongoing I am trying to finish a new underbust corset using a vibrant combination of orange, reds, and greens. As soon as I can I will update you with images. Rember Romanian Point Lace is all about staying calm and focusing on the fillings, the cord making, and connecting it all together.

Also before I go, I have been asked where to purchase the Digital Subscription series available. It; ‘s simple to visit the Digital Subscription series HERE and you can pick from Romanian Point Lace to Distance Reiki.





Accessories Trends 2023

Accessories Trends 2023

Accessories, always make or break a look, but they always complete it! Keep that in mind, when you get ready every morning! Adding a statement piece to your daily wear is like walking on a cloud and feeling truly special.  

“We must buy jewelry; it identifies us with our tribe, just as body piercing identifies those of a different tribe.” – Paulo Coelho

Iris Apfel is wearing jewelry for every outfit, every day… Do you want to know why?!!! Because it gives you the opportunity to transform, to change the energy, the feel of who you are, and shine in a new light every single day. Jewelry show truly that you are unique. This is also the main reason why I create all my pieces as statement pieces and design only one of a kind… I long for the desire to make my clients feel unique and special.  
We know that Pantone picked a color for 2023- Vivia Magenta Check out HERE!
Now let’s see what the trends are for 2023 when it comes to jewelry! 

Body Jewellery of all types

Stella McCarthy 2023

Pendant necklaces. 

Micheal Kors 2023

Hoop Earrings

Misho 2023

Large collars

Dior 2023 

Brooches in textile


Prada 2023

Do you like the trends for 2023? 
I am working on a new collection for 2023 and it will be with have two new elements that are based on body jewelry of course Romanian Point Lace related! 




LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection with a touch of crochet

LV Spring-Summer Menswear collection 2023

I am always happy to see that crochet, LACE, and knitting are not forgotten in the fashion world… After the Balenciaga scandal, we all need something bold and colorful, and fun, so take a look at these pieces!
The whole collection is visible Here! (97) Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 Show | LOUIS VUITTON – YouTube
I love this collection, it’s colorful and well made of course with a lot of love for detail and structure. 

The whole collection vibes very positive and the floral designs are simple, but with a lot of structure in a combination of traditional and Tunisian-style crochet. The collection celebrates not only a new era for LV but also for the late designer Abloh. Check his bio HERE!
The yellow brick runway and the colorful vibes, the flags, and the mood of this collection set a new milestone in the history of LV. What I love the most about it, you probably can guess is the handmade elements, embroidery, and crochet. But I also love the fact that in my opinion, all Gender can wear it! This collection tells you that everything is possible!
Enjoy the show! 
Let me know in the comment below, what your favorite piece is! 




The right tools

The right tools


When it comes to doing any type of craftsmanship, no matter if it’s art, sewing, crochet, knitting, point lace of course and so much more…If I forgot your craft, please comment below what you are doing! Thanks for sharing.

It is very important, that you start with the top quality tools. If you ask yourself how to even start… It’s all about trying products outs. So, if you sew, good-quality needles are a must….. You get my point!

But let’s talk about Point Lace…… The tools that you need to start point lace are simple!

A good quality fabric, like plain light color cotton or calico. I prefer calico, due to the fact that it’s stronger and more durable… Another important tool is good carbon paper, so you can apply your print pattern to the fabric and start the pattern going, etc…

So let’s create a simple basic list! 

  • fabric ( plain cotton/linen no design )
  • plain white vinegar /hot water
  • two good quality crochet hooks. ( one hook to create lace cord and one hook to create bullions!) Brands: Tulip/ Clover, fine lace, JMRA, VIntage hooks!
  • embroidery hoop optional!
  • carbon paper ( blue or black) tracing pen and paper.
  • sewing needle and tapestry  needle ( sizes: 24/26/28…)
  • good quality thread (cotton/organic) Brands: Romanofir, Anchor, etc…
  • embroidery scissors ( flat pointy or slightly curved up)
  • sewing thread in contrast to the cord color
  • iron to dry the pattern quickly
  • A lot of LOVE for Lace!

Now, that you have a little list ready, it’s time to start a lace piece!

Are you ready?




Top 5 things to  do for the New Moon in Libra

Top 5 things to do for the New Moon in Libra

TOP 5 things to do for the NEW MOON

When you think about the New Moon… What comes first to mind? A new phase in life, a new page is turning… So what’s best to do for this coming Monday?

New Moon on Monday -make notes for yourself or use a journal. I use my lunar diary to make it easy. It’s the preference, not sponsored.

  1. Cleanse yourself and your space 
  2. Have your crystals saged 
  3. Create a grid for Monday and activate it
  4. Focus on the New Moon in Libra ( pay close attention to your friends. special friendships)
  5. Bring more beauty and balance to your life

From Monday on there are many opportunities in front of you… From new connections, business opportunities, new purchases, and balancing life it’s all put at once in front of you!

If you want to know what best crystals to use for this new Moon… You can’t go wrong with ROSE QUARTZ, CLEAR QUARTZ POINTS, SELENITE, AMETHYST, and BLUE KYANITE.

Rose Quartz – for love and friendships

Quartz points -amplification

Selenite – absorption of negative energy /harmonious space /creating a safe space

Blue Kyanite- good communication, self-expression, spirituality

If this is the first time you create a crystal grid for yourself, start with the center stone…In this case the SELENITE TOWER.  Now start to go around with the tumbled stones and points. You don’t need to use heart shape crystals if you don’t have any. Tumbles stones will do the job as well quite well. Make sure to place the clear quartz mini points in between each crystal. They do a fantastic job to amplify the grid and manifesting faster.

At this point, once it’s all arranged to your liking, you need to activate the grid. If you ask how to do that it’s very easy. GRID ACTiVATION TIME!

Three things to do!

  1. Rub your hands together and hoove your power hand on top of the grid (the Power hand is the hand that gave the most energy – Once you rub them together and you pull them a bit apart, you feel that you build a field of energy. !)
  2. close your eyes and start manifesting while holding your hands over the grid
  3. Activate each stone with the center stone and place it back in the center- Do not move the grids anymore from now on until your manifestation was fulfilled.

NEW MOON MEANING! It’s the first phase of the moon transformation over a month period. So here is what you need to do and know!

-set new goals

-starting a new phase in your life

-opening a new business 

-manifesting a new desire


So, what are you manifesting for this New Moon?









Malakos is known as the mirror of the soul. Malakos is the gorgeous crystal Malachite. From the Greek word soft it was and is always special. Holding great shades of green, malachite is pure magic. A crystal that does great in all its shapes. It has its charm unpolished but polished it reaches another level! Once it’s polished, you can actually see the gorgeous pattern. In ancient Greece, and Egypt Malachite was used as a protection stone and to extract green paint. In Russia, it was used by the czars to decorate the inside of castles to protect them from the evil eye. Malachites come from many places like Russia, Romania, Zambia, and Mexico.

Cleopatra used the green Malachite as her protection makeup.

The Czars in Russia used it for decoration inside the palaces and even had a malachite room in the winter Palace. It’s definitely gorgeous. Imagine the vibes!

But I bet you wonder how to use malachite… For sure as great as it looks, if you love hot baths, a malachite tub is not for you! It might look great, but over time cracks will appear in the malachite… Malachite, does not like water. Malachite is great for absorbing negative energy around you. It also calms your mind and gives a good feeling. The pattern has a hypnotic effect and makes you feel good inside. It also builds confidence and helps on the emotional level, when is also you might feel helpless, worthless, or empty. It is also a great helper when it comes to back pain.

Malachite is a stone of transformation and it can take your energy to another level. It has feminine energy that will transform into masculine energy if needed. Basically, this stone is your to-go stone if you need protection, support on all levels, emotional, mental, physical, guidance and positivity.

Malachite protects in fear situations and is great to have when flying, driving, etc…Malachite has many different names….you know it’s called Stone of transformation, also a soft healer but it’s also a stone used in the past by midwives. It protects women during birthing, pregnancy, and monthly period pain.

Malachite is fantastic when it comes to blood pressure, and deals with the heart chakra. Since it’s a healer stone, it eases the trembles when it comes to Parkinson’s.

Now, you see Malachite is very versatile and great to use in many different areas, but it is really fascinating to use when it comes to abundance and wealth. That is one of the reasons I love to work with Malachite and transform them into a piece of art, wearable art. And so I want to combine my love of threads with this amazing stone. I will use malachite slabs and incorporate them with Romanian Point Lace, and 3D bullion elements and create a unique necklace.

If you ever wondered how I start a necklace that involves crystals…Here we go, first I cleanse and charge the crystal, after that, I start to incorporate it into the design.  If it’s a custom design I incorporate the crystal into a grid as a center stone.

So you see, it does not matter, what goal you will wear for your malachite necklace, love, wealth, health, happiness, etc… it will always be a benefit to you!

Now the big question is what color should I combine with malachite? I love both salmon and light beige (has a silver touch to it).

If you visit my Instagram HERE  You can find a reel about other great Malachite properties! So, let me know in the comment section what color you would pick salmon or beige!





Welcome to Ink & Lace! So nice to meet you!


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